Brits need to ‘take it easy’ at beach during ‘ferocious’ heatwave says minister

People hoping to deal with the heatwave on a trip to the beach have been told to "just take it easy" by a cabinet minister.

The "ferocious" heatwave has brought about a number of warnings from the Met Office and travel companies, and now a Government minister has hit out at the heat.

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Kit Malthouse warned of those who may "not cope well" in the heat and offered some key advice.

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Suggesting advice and guidance to those "lucky enough" to be off work and enjoying the warmer than usual weather, Malthouse asked the public to look out for those not suited to the scorching weather.

Speaking to Sky News, Malthouse said: "If you are lucky enough not to be working today and you are going to the beach, obviously I know you will take lots of sun cream and water and an umbrella and all those kinds of things and be sensible.

"But we need to recognise that there are some people who will not cope well in the heat and what we want is for everybody to look out for them."

The Duchy of Lancaster also said that school was the best place for kids to cope with heat.

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Malthouse added: "Lots of people will go about their lives perfectly normally, for example we have said that schools should stay open and kids should go to school".

Defending the decision to keep schools open as temperatures creep toward 40C across parts of the UK, the Duchy of Lancaster said that "very often" school is the best place for youngsters and teenagers during a heatwave.

Reasons for that were that, during the hot weather, children are "safer in schools and kids need to learn and schools can look after them and hydrate them and keep them nice and cool."

Although temperatures are hitting their highest on record in some areas of the UK, the Cabinet member asked for the public to remain "sensible" as "we have not seen this kind of heat before in this country."

Despite the heat, Malthouse defended those that hope to head to the beach and that it may be "cooler" in parts of the country.

He said: "Some people may wish to. It will be cooler at the coast than it is at the centre of the country, particularly in the Midlands and in London.

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"But what we are saying to people is that they need to take responsibility for themselves, recognise that this is a really ferocious heat that we haven’t seen in this country before and adapt their behaviour accordingly."

Ferocious heat is set to hit the UK across this week, and temperatures are set to be so bad that water companies are begging people to 'take shorter showers,' Daily Star reported.


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