Cannabis-laced ‘treats’ disguised as sweets being sold online and in UK streets

Drug dealers are selling sweets, fizzy drinks and chocolate bars containing cannabis across the UK.

An investigation into the new "edibles" market revealed popular sweet brands such as Mars bars, Kinder Eggs and Jelly Babies were being laced with the drug and sold online.

The "treats", which can also be packaged as other products including Haribo jellies and Starburst, could contain hazardous levels of THC – the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, the Sun Online reports.

Police in Merseyside revealed they found several packets of 'cannabis sweets' at a property in Fazakerley, Liverpool on Friday night, describing them as "clearly designed to appeal to younger people."

Officers said bottles and packets believed to contain weed were also recovered, branded to look like many popular sweet brands like Chewits, Irn-Bru, Tango and Fruit-tella.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply cannabis.

However, it is understood that many other dealers are using this new approach on social media. One account included thousands of UK members – and more than 100,000 members worldwide.

Online chatrooms aimed at the UK market were being hosted for 48 cannabis dealers – including 20 Brits – with many offering next-day delivery and selling their drugs via text message.

The illegal products are being openly advertised on popular social platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

There is believed to have been a massive upsurge in sales of so-called edibles during lockdown as an alternative to smoking.

Some of the illicit items are understood to be called "Starbuds" and "Caribo".

Other known cannabis-infused treats included fun-sized 10-packs of Snickers and Mars chocolate bars for £10, Kinder mini-egg packs for £25 and packs of Wonka bars for £14.

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