China flooding: Five pictures to show the devastation after heavy rainfall

China: Chaos as massive flooding hits Henan province

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People residing in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou have battled flooding caused by record-breaking rainfall over the last few days. The city, located in China’s Henan province, has seen floodwaters rise to neck-high levels since the weekend. Pictures show people picking through waterlogged streets just a week after German residents did the same.

Flooding in the city started after a weekend of heavy rain, which continued into this week.

Rainfall totals hit 200mm (7.8 inches) in just one hour yesterday.

The day’s total rainfall, at 624mm, surpassed an astonishing two feet.

Video footage shows cars being swept, upended, down previously busy streets.

Up to 100,000 people have evacuated their homes, and hundreds more were trapped in the city’s subway system.

Local reports state the deluge killed 12 people and injured five after the rainstorms caused “water to accumulate in Zhengzhou metro”.

Zhengzhou isn’t the only place reeling from the extreme weather, as rain has spread throughout a dozen of the province’s cities.

Authorities have warned the city of Luoyang’s roughly seven million residents face a threat from the nearby Yihetan dam, stating it could “collapse at any time” after the rain caused a 22-metre breach in its facade.

Pictures show the devastating effects of rain on Henan, where the deepest waters have carried away cars.

Flooding has picked up and deposited vehicles in layers in some parts of Zhengzhou, creating makeshift walls where the deepest water has swelled and receded.

And where the floods can’t pick up cars, they level the environment around them.

Other images show fallen trees and walls disturbed by the weather crushing stationary vehicles across the city.

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Torrential rain has picked away at roots and foundations, making a range of environments potentially hazardous.

Although the flooding has proved devastating on many of Zhengzhou’s localities, some residents have attempted to continue their daily routines.

While some have evacuated or await rescue at home, many people have tried to navigate the waters.

Pictures show people wading and driving through waist-high, murky water dressed in waterproof gear or stripped down to their shorts.

Others have captured people trying to drive and even cycle while the rain shutters public transportation.

Authorities have prepared rafts as they form rescue teams from outside the flooded areas to extract at-risk people.

Roughly 94 million people live in Henan, ten million of whom live in Zhengzhou alone.

Local authorities have dubbed the flooding a once in a millennium event.

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