Conspiracy theorist explains what would happen in Putin never gained power

A conspiracy theorist who hosts a show on TikTok that ponders what life would be like without specific historical events believes the lives of the Russian people would have been more prosperous had Vladimir Putin not become their president.

The host of the What If Show claims that without the Kremlin leader being so focused on increasing the strength of his military, his country could have had better trade in Russian lumber and increased funding for education.

In the video, which has gained more than 10,300 likes, the What If Show explained: "Here's what would happen if Putin never came to power, when Putin took control.

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"He made the oligarchs an offer, they couldn't refuse, stay out of politics and he'd stay out of their business.

"But without a central figure, leading these criminals by the nose, they might've fought one another to control Russia's assets.

"Their lust for power could have endangered an entire country's security, and maybe the world's.

"Russia might've been part of NATO instead of pumping all that money into the military as happened under Putin's orders.

"Russia could have made more infrastructure, housing, and education investments, better roads and more money for transportation could have opened up the forest reserves and created a global demand for Russian lumber.

"The Russian people might have their daily needs met instead of being drained of the resources due to the invasion of Ukraine.

"Instead of being treated like pawns, maybe they could be treated like people."

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TikTok users were shocked at how different the world could have been as the video was captioned: "Maybe time travellers will solve this."

One user wrote: "So everything would have been better basically."

Another added: "Bro revealing state secrets."

However, not everyone agreed as one user boldly stated: "He is the best president in history."

And others pointed out the flaw in the theory, stating: "Russia asked to join NATO. The US said no.."


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