Cows decide it's too cold and head back into the warm barn

I’m Friesian, I’m not staying outside! Hilarious moment cows decide it’s too cold and head back into the warm barn

  • Herd of Fresian cows moo in excitement after being released from their barn 
  • But shortly after they realise how cold it is, they decide to head back inside 
  • Bert Bakker filmed the comical clip in Groningen, Netherlands, on Friday

A herd of cows decided it was too cold for them outside and headed straight back into their warm barn in a comical clip.

The group of Fresians were let out of their cosy barn in Groningen, Netherlands, on on Friday, where temperatures dropped to as low as 33.8F (1C). 

In the hilarious video the group come storming out on the overcast day before deciding it is too nippy for them and hotfooting it back inside. 

The Fresian cows were mooing with excitement when they were released from their barn in Groningen, Netherlands, on Friday

While famed for their ability to predict the rain, this group were not willing to stick around long enough to find out as the cold temperatures hit them on Friday. 

They appear to moo in excitement as they are released from the barn but after just a few seconds make their way back inside. 

Bert Bakker, who filmed the clip, said: ‘The cows thought it was too cold and returned to the warm barn.’

The group all appeared to decide the temperatures were too low for them and headed straight back inside within seconds

The tender skin on the udder can be affected by colder weathers and may explain why they decided not to stick around. 

For this reason, farmer Nikolay Atlasov in Oymyakon, in the Russian region of Yakuti – one of the world’s coldest villages, designed handmade bras for his herd of five cows for when temperatures reach as low as minus 49F (-45C).

He said the bras, which are made from sheepskin or fur, save up to two litres of milk per cow by protecting the udder’s tender skin. 

Cows in the world’s coldest village of Oymyakon, in the Russian region of Yakutia, wear fur or wool-lined bras when thermometers plunge to minus 45C in the Siberian winter

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