Dad battles hissing alligator using wheelie bin outside home in nail-biting clip

This is the heart-moment a man captured an alligator with a wheelie bin after finding the uninvited guest on his property.

Army veteran Abdul Gene Malik, who lives in Mount Dora in Florida, said he had to step up to protect his children when he saw the massive reptile lurking around his front yard on Wednesday (September 29).

He was praised a "true hero" after sharing on Instagram a video of himself taking the matter into his own hands and fighting off the gator.

The clip shows Abdul grabbing an empty wheelie bin and placing it down with the opening point towards the animal.

The cameraman warns him to "watch out" as he slowly pushes the bin closer in a bid to trap the intruder.

As he drives the alligator to in front of his garage, the beast displays aggressive behaviour and hisses at him.

He then flips the bin lid over, hitting its head and forcing it to get inside the bin.

In matter of seconds, Abdul lifts up the bin while the alligator is seen with its tail stuck out.

Neighbours can be heard screaming as they watch by the pavement and they cheer when Abdul manages to close the lid.

He pushes it across the road to a bush area where a lake is nearby and releases the alligator into the wild.

Abdul's video has gone viral and viewers have applauded his brave act.

One said: "Seriously great work! People out there joking but a child could've easily gotten hurt if you weren't there."

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Another wrote: "Got more heart and courage than trained professionals – give this man a job now!"

"Neighbourhood hero," a third praised.

Abdul has since set up a fundraising page to ask for people to help him set up an alligator-catching business, he added: "All gators will be released safely back into their environment, miles away from any residential areas."

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