Denver sheriff’s deputies receive Medal of Valor for capturing inmate who attempted escape

Seven Denver sheriff’s deputies were awarded the Medal of Valor on Thursday for actions taken during the capture of an inmate who attempted escape.

The deputies, in a ceremony at the Downtown Detention Center, 490 W. Colfax Ave., were also presented with Executive Director of Safety Murphy Robinson’s challenge coin in recognition of their valor, according to a news release.

On Sept. 2, inmate Damian Lynch attempted to escape while being transferred from the downtown facility to the Denver County Jail. The deputies chased Lynch into a water tunnel along the Cherry Creek bike path and took him back into custody.

— Denver Sheriff (@DenverSheriff) September 2, 2020

“After several heart-wrenching minutes, they emerged with the attempted escapee back in the custody of the Denver Sheriff Department,” Sheriff Elias Diggins said in the release. “Their actions were swift, courageous and selfless in the face of unknown danger. For these valiant acts, they are hereby each awarded the Denver Sheriff Department Valor of Honor.”


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