Desperate Putin recruits football ‘ultras’ to join Ukraine invasion

Russia: Football ultras recruited to fight in army

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According to local media sources the football hooligans have been recruited into Russia’s 106th Airborne unit. The football hooligans are from the city of Tula which is located just south of the capital, Moscow. Putin’s new conscripts have been seen in recent footage training for the frontlines has been released. Football ultras have a reputation in Russia as thugs.

In the footage, the men can be seen marching in straight lines, and wearing what appears to be skeleton balaclavas.

The men can be seen training and receiving lessons in shooting and firing bullets.

The football hooligans line up and learn how to handle military weapons.

Decked out in full military kits the men learn how to fire at targets from a distance.

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Putin sent out a call for more Russian men to join the battle in Ukraine in September.

And despite facing major losses in Ukraine, recruited an extra 300,000 men.

The Russian leader has been ramping up his war efforts in order to try and regain land in Ukraine after his troops withdrew from Kherson.

There have also been ongoing reports claiming that Russian men are tired on the frontlines, and lacking morale.

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Putin's mouthpiece loses it on live TV

Despite these reports, Putin has continued to mobilise Russian men.

Russian politician, Leonid Slutsky confirmed reports that Russian troops were lacking the correct equipment.

Mr Slutsky exposed the military shortcomings during a meeting with the mothers of Russian soldiers on the frontlines of the battle.

Mr Slutsky said: “There are not enough doctors in the military units; everyone says this. I cannot say they do not exist at all, but they are practically not seen there.

“We must understand that the whole world is watching us. We are the largest state and when we do not have socks, shorts, doctors, intelligence, communications, or simply care for our children, questions arise that will be very difficult to answer.”

Some reports from Russian soldiers have been circulating.

Many of Putin’s recruits have claimed that they were being forced to fight without proper protective body armour.

Some even claimed that they were not given helmets but were still expected to fight.

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