Detective accused of sexual harassment claims against female officers

Married police detective is accused of string of sexually harassment claims against junior officers including telling one he wanted to ‘f*** her’ and asking her to send him naked photos

  • Unidentified Avon and Somerset detective is facing 44 misconduct allegations
  • Disciplinary panel heard he kissed and groped one officer without her consent
  • It is alleged behaviour started on work night out when he singled out witness A
  • The misconduct hearing started today and it is expected to last until this Friday 

A police detective is facing 44 allegations of conduct breaches and sexually harassing junior officers including telling one on a night out he wanted to ‘f*ck her’.

The married officer is facing a catalogue of accusations such as making sexual comments – and asking a colleague to send him naked pictures of herself.

The officer – only referred to as DC X – is also said to have groped, partially undressed and kissed one witness on the lips without her permission.

The Avon and Somerset officer is facing a disciplinary panel today at a week-long hearing in Bristol.

Clare Hennessy, Counsel for the Appropriate Authority bringing the case against the officer, said his actions were ‘inappropriate and uninvited’.

She said: ‘The inappropriate behaviour started on a work night out where he said to witness A – ‘I’d like to f*ck you.’

An Avon and Somerset police detective is accused of a string of sexual harassment allegations

‘Thereafter he became close with witness A – he contacted her on regular basis and wanted her to contact back.

‘He told her she should end her relationship and he proceeded to develop an overly friendly relationship with her, telling her he was thinking abut her and asking her whether she was thinking about him.

‘He tried to spend significant periods of time with her both on and off duty.’

In relation to the alleged incident when DC X allegedly kissed witness A on the lips and partially undressed her, Ms Hennessy said: ‘The physical contact was inappropriate, uninvited and plainly sexual and was a sexual assault.’

DC X is said to have asked her to send him a naked photograph of herself and accompanied her to locations of crime that did not require physical attendance.

On one occasion Witness A told DC X that he was pressuring her to do things she did not want to do, while he said he had ‘never felt this way about someone before’, it is claimed.

DC X is accused of reviewing a complex burglary case with Witness A in a private room, despite her suggestion it should be in the open.

The panel will also hear from Witness B that DC X asked her, ‘Have you christened your new car yet?’

The disciplinary hearing began this morning and is expected to conclude on Friday (file photo)

He is also accused of making other ‘inappropriate, sexual and predatory’ comments to her.

DC X is also accused of making comments to Witness C – ‘in relation to personal matters such as her hair or clothing,’ which would amount to gross misconduct.

Of the allegations concerning witnesses B and C – Miss Hennessy added: ‘It demonstrates this officer’s attitude, which is entirely at odds with appropriate behaviour and expected standard of a long-standing officer with many years in service.’

The Appropriate Authority says the allegations mean DC X has breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in three ways – Discreditable Conduct, Authority, Respect and Courtesy and Equality and Diversity.

The Avon and Somerset Police detective faced the hearing which commenced today and it is expected to last until Friday.

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