Diana had heartwarming nickname among her staff, ex protection officer says

Princess Diana's staff had a heartwarming nickname for her, her former protection officer has revealed.

Following her separation from Princes Charles, Kensington Palace became Diana's main home and along with that came a new household of around seven people.

Colin Tebbutt MVO (Member of the Victorian Order) was one of those new members of staff, working as the Princess of Wales' driver minder for two years.

Speaking on the new season of The Secrets of the Royal Palaces, due to be broadcast on Channel 5, Colin revealed that Diana's household referred to her as "our lady".

He said: “She was our boss. We had a small household of six or seven people.

"You know, not Buckingham Palace anymore. This lady was down to us. She was our lady."

Following the tragic announcement of her death in Paris in 1997, Colin, along with the other members of the Princess' household were shell-shocked.

He explained: "Everybody was just taken out where we were.

“So I was then beginning to make arrangements to get her back.”

The former Royal Protection Officer was subsequently sent to Paris to retrieve Princess Di's body and bring it back to the UK.

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Upon their return to England, Diana's body was taken to the royal chapel at St James' Palace.

Colin was so close to the Princess, that he was one of the few people allowed at her private burial on an island surrounded by water in the Spencer estate of Althorp.

He described the moment he and former butler Paul Burrell watched with the royals as Princess Diana was laid to rest, referring to the moment as “difficult to take in”.

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Colin said: “Army put a bridge up to the island and the army walked across the bridge carrying her royal highness on their shoulders and lowered her into where she was buried.

“The family then did what every family does at a funeral and they went to the edge.

“I stood back with Paul and I then think there were prayers said. To be included with the household, the two of us, with the very last bit of that burial of the boss being lowered.

"And you know, I have never really grafted. It has always been, did it really happen to me.”

The Secrets of the Royal Palaces – Series 2 – Episode 1 – is on Channel 5 on Saturday night at 8:30pm.

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