Donald and Melania Trump attend Easter church service in Florida

Donald Trump and Melania are given a round of applause at Easter Sunday church service in Palm Beach before joining the grandchildren for an egg hunt at Mar-a-Lago

  • Ex-President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania were given a warm reception at an Easter Sunday service at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens
  • Senior pastor Todd Mullins said it was his ‘privilege’ to welcome the Trumps, as the congregation burst into a round of applause  
  • ‘We always welcome everyone to join us at Christ Fellowship in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus,’ said Mullins, whose father Tom was a member of  Trump’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board
  • Donald Trump then spent time with his grandchildren at Mar-a-Lago, posing for family snaps with Don Jr’s five children 
  • The Trump grandchildren were treated to an Easter egg hunt, with Don Jr and Eric Trump encouraging them to search for the hidden treats
  • Don Jr and girlfriend Kimberley Guilfoyle recently bought a new $9.7M home just a 20-minute drive away from Trump’s Florida club

Former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania were given a rousing round of applause as they attended Easter Sunday service in Florida today.

The couple stood in the front row of the Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens for its morning service.

A member of the congregation filmed as Senior Pastor Todd Mullins led the packed chapel in prayer.  

Mullins then introduced the former president, saying: ‘It’s also our privilege, my privilege today to welcome the President (and) Mrs Trump too.’ 

The Trumps turned to acknowledge the cheers of the crowd, and Melania raised a hand to wave.

Afterwards the couple chatted to Mullins as the Easter service continued with a performance from a live band.

Donald and Melania Trump chat with Christ Fellowship Church Senior Pastor Todd Mullins at an Easter Sunday service in Palm Beach Gardens today

Senior Pastor Todd Mullins’ father Tom, who founded the church in 1983, was a member of Trump’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board

The former First Couple turned to acknowledge the rousing round of applause they received after being introduced to the congregation

The couple seemed relaxed amongst the large crowd, and appeared to mingle freely with the other maskless guests

‘We always welcome everyone to join us at Christ Fellowship in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus,’ Mullins said afterwards. 

‘This year, perhaps more than ever, we hope that Jesus’ message of hope and salvation spreads widely and brings joy to all who hear it.’

Stunned onlookers seemed delighted to see the former First Couple at the 22,500-square-foot worship center, which has seating for about 1,500 people.

In the photographs and video posted online, none of the attendees wore masks, and the Trumps seemed to mingle freely with other worshippers in the large crowd.  

Todd Mullins’ father Tom founded the Christ Fellowship Church in 1983, initially holding services in his living room before shifting to a area school cafeteria.

Today, Christ Fellowship Church is one of the 25 largest churches in America with as many as 30,000 weekly attendees at locations across Florida.  

Tom Mullins was also part of the Trump campaign’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board.

After the service, the Trump’s motorcade returned to Mar-a-Lago where Trump spent some quality time with the grandchildren. 

The grandchildren went on an Easter egg hunt around the stately gardens at Mar-a-Lago with dozens of other kids.

‘I’m not sure they’re working all that hard for it but it’s a good tradition nonetheless and they had fun,’ said Donald Trump Jr, who posted a video of the kids scrambling for treats. 

Don Jr also posted a series of adorable family snaps to Instagram. 

Donald Trump shares a tender moment at Mar-a-Lago on Easter Sunday with one of his grandchildren

Grandad Trump poses for a photograph with Don Jr’s five children, who have recently moved into a new home just 20 minutes away with their dad Don Jr

‘Easter with grandpa. Hope you all had a great one,’ Don Jr wrote on Instagram as he shared snaps from the happy day. He and girlfriend Kimberley Guilfoyle have just bought a $9.7 million home nearby

Three of Donald Trump Jr.’s five children show off their Easter baskets during an egg hunt at Mar-a-Lago

The Trump grandchildren took part in a large Easter egg hunt under sunny skies at the Florida club

‘Easter with grandpa. Hope you all had a great one,’ Don Jr wrote on Instagram beside the photos.

Trump delivered an Easter message earlier Sunday in which he took aim at his political enemies.

‘Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our country!’ Trump wrote in the statement, which was released by his Save America PAC.

Don Jr. and girlfriend Kimberley Guilfoyle recently splashed $9.7 million on an 11,000-square-foot mansion in the exclusive gated community of Admirals Cove. 

Their new home is just 20 minutes from Mar-a-Lago.      

Earlier, Eric and Lara Trump were seen after attending an Easter service on Sunday before packing up their belongings and leaving Mar-a-Lago.

Lara wore a white dress as she was spotted holding her one-year-old daughter, Carolina, while heading off to change into comfortable clothes.

Carolina and her three-year-old brother, Eric Jr, both wore white as they held onto their colorful Easter baskets.

Eric is seen grabbing one last suitcase to pack into the SUV as they prepared to leave Mar-a-Lago on Sunday 

Lara’s daughter and son, Eric Jr, were both seen wearing white while holding their Easter egg baskets on Sunday 

Lara Trump is seen wearing a white dress as she holds her one-year-old daughter, Carolina, as they left an Easter Sunday service  

Lara and Carolina were both decked out in their Easter finest when seen at Mar-a-Lago on Sunday

Carolina was still seen wearing white, but she also changed into more comfortable clothes as her dad lifted her into her car seat 

A short time later, Lara and her children reemerged in comfortable clothing, with Lara sporting jeans and a white shirt. She was seen helping Eric packed down a vehicle with multiple suitcases as they prepared to leave Mar-a-Lago.

Eric and Lara have been based in New York City for years, and are still understood to live there with their children.

Lara and Eric were seen Sunday just two days after former president Donald Trump was spotted at Mar-a-Lago with former first lady Melania and their son Barron, making it the family’s first appearance together since he left office.

Video posted to Instagram on Friday shows the Trump family strolling through an outdoor dining area at the club in Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump has made his home after leaving the Oval Office.

‘Mr President!’ one supporter is heard shouting, as the club members cheer and applaud, some rising to their feet.

Barron, 15, was noticeably absent from Trump’s farewell address on his final day in office, and Melania has been vocal in her protection of the young teen from public scrutiny.

While Trump has frequently been spotted golfing since leaving office, including on Saturday, Barron has not been in the public eye for several months.

In December, Melania reportedly toured private prep schools in Florida, seeking the right fit for Barron to continue his education.

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