Dramatic stand-off between huge saltwater croc and two sharks

Dramatic stand-off between a large saltwater croc and TWO hungry sharks is captured on camera by a fisherman

  • A large saltwater crocodile has come face-to-face with two tawny nurse sharks
  • The vision was captured in the Kimberley region in northern Western Australia
  • The docile nurse sharks don’t notice the potent predator they are swimming near

Incredible footage has resurfaced showing a large saltwater crocodile floating above two sharks, with the fishermen surrounding the trio filming in awe of the encounter.  

The vision, which was originally captured in May 2017, has since resurfaced on Facebook, showing the dramatic moment in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

Posted on Instagram by @jtux, two tawny nurse sharks are seen calmly swimming near a saltwater crocodile which stays terrifyingly still as it’s circled.


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Terrifying footage has resurfaced of two tawny nurse sharks casually swimming underneath a huge saltwater crocodile (pictured)

Tawny nurse sharks do not feed on anything larger than themselves and prefer to eat fish and smaller sharks, but the croc is an opportunistic predator.

The sharks were lucky they outnumbered the saltwater crocodile in this case and neither party snapped at the other.

Saltwater crocodiles have been known to eat monkeys and buffalos and even great white sharks in some instances.

Crocodiles explode from the surface of the water and drag their victims under, generally drowning animals from the shore. 

While the nurse sharks would never feed on something so large, saltwater crocodiles are known to prey on sharks for a meal (pictured, the animals in a stand off)

Tawny nurse sharks on the other hand have an extremely passive nature and are not considered a threat to swimmers or divers, despite looking terrifying.

Users in the comments section of the video poked fun at the potentially fatal moment, with one writing: ‘who says we can’t all get along?’.

Others believed they had swum with similar sharks.

‘Think that kind of a shark swam like two metres away from me while I was snorkelling. My heart skipped some beats,’ another wrote.

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