EU boss Ursula von der Leyen’s Covid humiliation was an Oscar-winning bombshell

AS a crass act of self- destruction, Ursula von der Leyen’s Covid humiliation was an Oscar-winning bombshell.

“Shotgun Uschi”, as she was known in her blunderbuss days as German defence minister, did more than “blow the bloody doors off”.

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Her panic-stricken blunder could prove to be the ­beginning of the end of the European Union.

In a few brief hours, the EC President simultaneously exploded the myth of Europe as a global superpower and exposed Brussels as an international joke.

Her attempts to grab our life-saving vaccines and slam a hard border between the UK and Ireland have been revoked.

But they won’t be forgotten.

Brussels owes Britain an apology. It can start by ditching its petty cross-Channel barriers against our truckers.

“VdL” is merely the ­figurehead of a mafia regime which is rotten to the core.

She is a puppet manipulated by German Chancellor Angela “Mutti” Merkel and malignant French President Emmanuel Macron.

This was a political “#MeToo” moment when the scales fell from everyone’s eyes.

Now we can all — Remainers as well as Brexiteers — see the European Union for what it is: A corrupt cabal run by third-rate incompetents. Their rank stupidity vindicated our vote to Leave.

Had we remained, few of the UK’s eight million vulnerable citizens would already have received their first Covid jabs.

Boris Johnson’s image as a compassionate PM has been enhanced by the conduct of shabby EU bullies and despicable Macron.

Far from being responsible for 100,000 deaths, as smearing left-wingers claim, it was ­Johnson who launched the campaign to “stop people dying” way back in May.


And it was Macron who slammed the brakes on Europe’s vaccine roll-out while his French drugs champion struggled, and failed, to produce its own serum.

Hopefully, this pint-sized egomaniac will pay for his spiteful anti-UK vendetta in the next presidential elections.

He won’t be alone.

German politics is in meltdown, with dithering Angela Merkel blamed for the vaccine fiasco. Berlin’s newspapers are for once united in scathing condemnation of their leaders and loud applause for Britain and Brexit. EU voters are boiling with rage at their governments’ ­failure to protect their own ­citizens.

Amsterdam is ablaze. ­Hungary has gone rogue by opting for Russia’s Sputnik jab.

There are fears others — ­Ireland perhaps — will follow the UK out the door.
So what does Labour EU fan Sir Keir Starmer have to say about all this? Absolutely ­nothing.

The EU’s hostility should also silence Nicola Sturgeon’s ­incessant snarling about ­Scottish independence.

We are no longer in the realm of romantic idealism — this is a matter of life and death.

Why would canny Scots who, thanks to Boris, have been jabbed weeks before Europe’s 450million citizens, choose to quit the UK in favour of the doomed EU?

And doomed it is. Almost overnight, its struggle for ­economic and political union has been exposed as a global symbol of economic and ­political failure.

Even so, “Shotgun Uschi’s” public humiliation is no cause for celebration. The world is watching — including unfriendly China and Russia.

In recent months, Europe and America have revealed themselves as weak, divided and foolish, unfit to defend 21st Century Western democracy.
Moscow and Beijing will have noted our rattled response to a nasty but not super- deadly virus.

It will inform their ­conduct towards us in future.

Still, it’s not all bad news.

After decades of vilification, we Eurosceptics have emerged, battered, bruised and spat upon but totally vindicated in our decision to leave.

Even arch-Europhiles including former Financial Times editor Lionel Barber are shocked by Brussels’ thuggish tantrums.


“What’s not to like about Brexit?” he tweets. “Plenty, but the vaccine story shows what a nimble, independent nation with a strong science base can do.”

Meanwhile, silence from loudmouth anti-Brexiteers like John Major, Anna “suck it up” Soubry and Michael Heseltine.

The Germans have a word for this: Schadenfreude — ­gloating at other people’s embarrassment.

So forgive me if I raise a glass of English bubbly to the richly deserved shaming of von der Leyen and the ­bullying bureaucrats who think they run Europe.

BBC’s Covid handbrake turn

THE BBC remains true to type. Commentators led by Europe editor Katya Adler began covering Vaccine-gate by portraying Britain and Brussels as equally at fault.

When the ugly truth emerged, Adler was forced into a tyre-burning handbrake turn.

It didn’t last. By yesterday, this important and damaging story was condensed into a few ­minutes and shunted down the pecking order.

Imagine the Beeb’s non-stop 24/7 coverage if Boris, not von der Leyen, had cocked up.

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