‘Fake Barbie’ told pal ‘I want to kill my boyfriend’ before fatally stabbing him

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    An OnlyFans model on trial for the murder of her partner allegedly told a friend "I want to kill my boyfriend so bad" before his death.

    Abigail White, 24, stabbed Bradley Lewis, 22, in the chest with a knife after the pair got into a row, a court heard.

    White, also known as "Fake Barbie", has admitted manslaughter but is denying a murder charge after she said she only wanted to "shock and scare" Lewis, who is also the father of her three children.

    An audio message sent to one of White's pals prior to the stabbing was played in court, where she suggested she was prepared to use violence against her partner to learn "the truth".

    In the recording, she said: "He only tells me the truth when he thinks I'm gonna kill him, like when I get a knife out, like when I'm gonna stab him."

    In a separate message, sent by text, White reportedly implied she wanted to kill Lewis, his lover Anna, and one of his friends.

    She wrote: "I want to kill them so bad, but I can't do prison time and leave my kids."

    White admitted to the statement but said: "But that's not what I meant."

    The trial heard the attack was allegedly caused by a drunken argument between White and a friend at a pub.

    She felt that Bradley had not stood up for her in the argument, which saw her shoved to the ground.

    Speaking during her trial at Bristol Crown Court on Monday morning (October 17), White also said Lewis said he didn't want to stay in the relationship anymore just hours before his death – but that she didn't believe him.

    She said: "He doesn't actually think that, he never actually thought that – it was just words.

    "That would just be something that we both frequently said to one another, but didn't mean we actually wanted to do it."

    The prosecution also questioned the defendant over a phone call made by Lewis in which he apparently pleaded with a friend for help and said his girlfriend was "trying to kill him" prior to his death.

    He was heard telling his friend: "Help me, Sophie, she's trying to kill me, she keeps beating me up, she's trying to stab me, she's hurting me."

    White could reportedly be heard in the background of the call telling him to "shut the f**k up" – but said she did not remember this particular incident.

    She explained: "I don't remember that. I was just crying, feeling upset, feeling heartbroken."

    White has denied beating, attempting to stab and threatening the victim during the phone call.

    Prosecutor Anna Vigars KC got White to show the court how she held the knife used on March 25 of this year to stab Lewis.

    White used a pen to show how she held the knife by the handle, pointing it downwards.

    When questioned on the incident, she said: "I was angry and upset, I picked up the knife in anger, but I didn't want to hurt him or kill him.

    "I didn't know that that would happen, it just happened."

    She added that she "really didn't" set out to hurt Lewis and that the horrifying incident was "just over before I even thought".

    She said: "I didn't realise I had done that until after."

    Lewis was taken to hospital from the defendant's home in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, but died of his injuries just hours later.

    White also denied attempting to cover up the attack by cleaning up blood around Bradley as he laid dying in the couple's kitchen.

    The trial continues.

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