Families of the victims of morgue monster David Fuller start legal action against NHS

THE families of morgue monster David Fuller’s victims are starting legal action against the NHS.

They could be in line for tens of millions of pounds in damages, legal experts say.

Fuller, 67, sexually abused 100 dead females, including children, in his role as an electrician at two hospital mortuaries.

But sources believe the true number of victims could be thousands.

A number of relatives of those abused have contacted law firms, including Brighton-based Dean Wilson.

Spokesman for the firm Ben Davey said it was astonishing no one realised what Fuller was doing in the mortuaries.

He added: “Families will be due compensation and there needs to be a public inquiry as to what level of access staff have in hospitals.”

A legal source added: “This has the potential to cost the NHS tens of millions.

"The relatives of these people were abused in the most horrific way possible by an NHS employee on NHS property.

“It is harrowing. It’s early days and these things do not happen overnight but lawyers are already involved.

The NHS will be prepared for this and will surely admit liability. There have been many other cases in which they have.”

Previous NHS payouts include those to victims of sex abuser DJ Jimmy Savile.

Last week, Fuller admitted the so-called Bedsit Killer murders of Caroline Pierce, 20, and Wendy Knell, 25.

He was arrested last December after a DNA breakthrough.

Searches of his home then found video footage he had recorded of himself defiling scores of female corpses, aged between nine and 100.

His crimes took place over 12 years in the mortuaries at now-closed Kent and Sussex Hospital and its replacement, Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Fuller will be sentenced later.

Maidstone and­ Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust would not comment last night.

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