Family of Suzy Lamplugh want cops to quiz Suffolk Strangler

Family of Suzy Lamplugh want cops to quiz Suffolk Strangler over her ‘murder’: Relatives of estate agent, 25, who worked with serial killer on QE2 want him quizzed over her 1986 disappearance

  • Suzy Lamplugh, 25, worked alongside serial killer Steve Wright, 63, on the QE2
  • Wright’s ex-wife says he flirted with Suzy before later denying ever knowing her 
  • Suzy’s brother Richard said ‘it would be lovely to find her’ and scatter her ashes

The family of a woman who disappeared in 1986 is pleading with police to question Suffolk Strangler Steve Wright over her suspected murder. 

Estate agent Suzy Lamplugh, 25, worked alongside the serial killer on the QE2 luxury cruise liner and he is even said to have chatted her up. 

But according to his ex-wife, when Suzy vanished and her disappearance hit the headlines, he denied ever knowing her. 

Wright, 63, is currently serving life for murdering five women in Ipswich within a fortnight in 2006 and was arrested in July this year on suspicion of killing Victoria Hall, 17, whose naked body was found in a ditch in 1999. 

Now Suzy’s family are demanding he also be quizzed over her suspected murder.

Suzy vanished after leaving her London office to meet a ‘Mr Kipper’ for a viewing at a Fulham flat. 

Killer Wright is coincidentally said to have used the word ‘kipper’ as slang for ‘face’. 

Estate agent Suzy Lamplugh (pictured), 25, worked alongside serial killer Steve Wright on the QE2 luxury cruise liner and he is even said to have chatted her up

Suzy’s body was never found and she was declared dead presumed murdered five years later. 

But Wright was jailed for the Ipswich killings in 2008 and ruled out of Suzy’s case by police in 2012. 

Investigators had already pointed the finger at jailed psychopath John Cannan. 67, a serial rapist who was convicted of killing two women in Bristol and Reading. 

Suzy’s brother Richard, 61, told the Sunday Mirror: ‘I don’t see any reason why police couldn’t speak to Wright about Suzy’s murder. 

‘They are trying to solve another case and are probably concentrating on that one.

‘But if Wright has been linked, if the police thought it was relevant, then it would be worthwhile.

Suzy’s brother Richard said ‘it would be lovely to find her’ and scatter her ashes (Pictured: Richard holding a framed photo of his missing sister) 

‘Whether it’s Cannan or Wright, I don’t know. What’s difficult is not knowing where she is. It would be lovely to find her. To have somewhere where we could scatter her ashes.’

Wright’s own father also wondered if he was behind Suzy’s disappearance after finding a photo of them together from the 1980s.         

Richard added: ‘If Wright’s dad thought he was a possibility, it would be good to know whether he was around at the time in Fulham and Putney.

‘I think that would be the interesting thing, if he could be placed at the scene.’

Former truck lift driver Wright was arrested at Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire over Victoria Hall’s murder. 

The teenager never returned home and her body was found five days later in a water-filled ditch some 25 miles away near Stowmarket. None of her clothes or possessions have ever been found.

Scotland Yard previously investigated Wright’s links to Suzy after they found out they worked together on the QE2 (Pictured: Killer wright in his QE2 uniform) 

Wright was discovered to have been living in the area at the time of the murder.  

Scotland Yard previously investigated his links to Suzy after they found out they worked together on the QE2.

His ex-wife Diana Cole, 65, said she witnessed him flirting with her on the luxury cruise liner when she was working as a hairdresser alongside Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker’s future wife Michelle Cockayne. 

But Ms Cole said he denied ever knowing her when her disappearance made the news.   

She also told told of how Wright had shore leave around the time Suzy vanished and how he used the word ‘kipper’. 

Ms Cole, who divorced Wright in 1989, previously said: ‘I really want him to tell us if he killed Suzy for my peace of mind – for her family’s sake.

Investigators have pointed the finger at jailed psychopath John Cannan (pictured), 67, a serial rapist who was convicted of killing two women in Bristol and Reading 

‘I always felt he was capable of killing somebody. In temper, he was capable of anything.’ 

But police focused on Cannan, who had just been released from prison in London following a rape conviction when Suzy vanished. 

However former Scotland Yard detective David Videcette said there was ‘not a shred of evidence’ linking the killer to the crime.

He claims Suzy invented the client ‘Mr Kipper’ to run a personal errand and collect the diary and cheque book she had left in a pub the night before.

Mr Videcette, who spent five years researching a book called Finding Suzy, said: ‘From speaking to former officers who worked on the two previous investigations, I have found that it is widely accepted within the police that there is no evidence to support John Cannan ever knowing Suzy Lamplugh or ever even meeting her.’ 

Retired Det Supt Jim Dickie disagrees, adding: ‘I still firmly believe he is responsible for her killing. There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to him. I don’t believe it’s Steve Wright.

‘If you look at his offending profile, it’s all prostitutes, it’s all geographically in the same area.

‘I said some years ago that Wright is not in the frame – his offending profile just does not match at all.’

The pensioner spent six years investigating the case and sat in on interviews with Cannan – who is eligible for release in 2022 after serving more than 30 years for slaying factory worker Shirley Banks in 1987. 

Police officers search an area near Pershore in Worcestershire in 2019 as part of further investigations into Suzy’s disappearance 

A search of a wooded area by police in 2019 (pictured) is not believed to have found any significant new evidence in Suzy’s case 

Cannan previously accused the police of ‘smearing’ his name by accusing him of being behind Suzy’s disappearance, saying it would ‘undermine my parole prospects’. 

He is believed to bear a striking resemblance to an e-fit of a suspect seen close to where Suzy was last seen alive.  

Suzy’s brother Richard told the Sunday Mirror: ‘If it was Cannan who did it then he’s coming out on parole soon. I really don’t want him to kill again.

‘You always worry when they are released.

‘That’s the worry, if he’s released and then he wants to kill again.

‘However, that’s not going to bring my sister back.

‘But it would be lovely to have somewhere where we could place her, rather than where whoever killed her has left her. It would be one of our family dreams to find her.

‘We cannot change Suzy’s death, we can’t turn the clock back, but catching someone can stop them killing again.

‘After 35 years, if it was Cannan, then he went on and killed someone.

‘And if it was Wright, then he killed again as well, which is very, very sad. It’s yet another life that’s been lost, and if the police had found them in the first place then maybe it would have saved others.’

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