Father and son accidentally find remains of missing man inside a dinosaur statue

The body of a missing man was found inside a dinosaur statue in Barcelona, Spain, according to the BBC.  

The 39-year-old man was found inside a papier-mâché stegosaurus statue after police said a father and son noticed a smell coming from it. The father saw the body through a crack in the stegosaurus’ hollow leg and alerted the authorities.

A spokesperson for the regional police force told the Guardian they believe it was an accidental death and no violence was suspected.  

According to a local media report, the man was reportedly trying to retrieve his mobile phone that fell inside the statue when he fell inside and was trapped upside down, BBC reported.  

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Authorities were called to the scene and firefighters were able to cut open the dinosaur leg to retrieve the body. 

Police are awaiting the results from his autopsy to determine how he died, and the statue has since been removed.  

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