Find my ‘guardian angel’: Woman in search of stranger who helped during surprise 2013 labour

Eight years ago, Rebekah Lawrence had the shock of her life when she went into labour on the side of a road in South Auckland.

As cars drove past her while she lay in pain, one woman stopped to see if she was alright.

Lawrence is now on the hunt to find her “guardian angel” who helped her during her surprise labour.

8 year ago I was on the side of the road, on the corner of browns road and Russell road in manurewa Auckland in labour…

That day back in February 16, 2013, Lawrence and her partner welcomed her second child into the world, a boy named Tyrell Lawrence-Fidow.

However she had other plans that day, ready to move back home to Christchurch, Lawrence was taking public transport to drop her eldest son off at his grandmother for the day.

Unfortunately, she didn’t make it too far before she found herself in pain, lying on the ground.

Not knowing she was in labour Lawrence found herself on her hands and knees on the corner of Browns Rd and Russell Rd in Manurewa.

“There were so many cars driving past us, yelling stupid s*** out and then this one lady just stopped,” she told the Herald.

A lady who Lawrence calls her “guardian angel” stopped to see if she was alright.

As Lawrence’s partner was a first-time father he didn’t know what to do, however, the unknown lady sprung into action, making sure Lawrence was comfortable, covering Lawrence with blankets and jackets from her car.

Yelling in pain, Lawrence told the unknown lady she was pregnant with seven weeks to go.

“She guarded around me, asking me how far along I was, she was asking all the right sort of questions.”

Once the ambulance arrived, Lawrence was taken to hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy.

Lawrence has now taken to Facebook, hoping to find the kind lady who stopped to help during the surprise labour.

Although Lawrence doesn’t remember much about the woman, she remembers her saying she was a local in South Auckland.

Lawrence told the Herald she has had this stranger on her mind for eight years.

“I remember her telling me she’d love to meet this lovely dude when she was calming me down.”

Lawrence hopes her son can meet the lady who helped his mother in her time of need and she hopes she can reconnect with the unknown hero.

“She was helping me through this surprise labour and I really want to know who she is.”

She thinks the woman came into the hospital but because she wasn’t family she wasn’t allowed in the room.

Fully dilated while travelling to the hospital where she was admitted, Lawrence gave birth there with her partner by her side, despite the baby’s earlier other plans.

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