Fireball explosion as Ukrainian plane ‘holding explosives’ crashes in Greece

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A plane transporting 12 tons of "dangerous materials" erupted in flames before crashing with its crew members on board in Greece.

The aircraft descended to the ground after crashing in a massive fireball near the northern Greek city of Kavala shortly before 11pm local time.

The plane, which is handled by a Ukraine-based air carrier, was carrying eight crew members at the time of the mountainside explosion.

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It has been reported that the pilot had called for an emergency landing at Kavala International Airport, but its signal was lost.

According to local media, the request was made due to an issue with one of the four engines.

Tragedy struck when the pilot never reached the destination and the plane smacked to the ground around 25 miles west of the airport, reports The Sun.

Chilling video footage posted on showed the Soviet-era four-engine turboprop cargo carrier burst into flames before hitting the ground.

Eyewitnesses said they saw a fireball before hearing several explosions after the crash.

Drone footage shows parts of the plane dispersed across fields, while smoke was filmed rising from the scene on Sunday ( July 17).

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It has been reported that the aircraft had set off from the Serbian city of Nis en route to Jordan's capital Amman when the crash took place.

Firefighters rushed to the scene, with seven engines used to try and put out the blaze following the crash.

However, they were stopped from accessing the site due to a strong smell of smoke, which officials feared was toxic.

Residents were urged to keep their windows closed overnight and to remain at home. They were also told to wear masks.

A general power outage was caused after the plane cut through power cables.

It is believed that the "dangerous materials" were mainly explosives.

A 400-metre-radius cordon has been positioned around the site as emergency services remain on the scene alongside explosives experts.

Officials from Greece's Atomic Energy Commission also supporting the experts at the crash site.

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