Four women viciously attacked cop by nearly ripping her hair out and punching her after boozing on gin, wine & cocktails

FOUR women beat up a police officer for doing their job after getting sozzled on gin, wine and cocktails in Cheshire.

Constable Dowse was called to a disturbance outside a Revolution bar in Wilmslow in July when she was attacked by the drunk women who were celebrating the end of Covid restrictions.

Bethany Bennett, 24, Courtney Hardy, 25, Njeri Swanston, 24, and Millie Curley, 21, were arrested after they grabbed the policewoman by the hair and pulled her to the floor before being repeatedly struck over the head and body.

Constable Dowse had been called out to a group of men fighting at 3.15 am but she was attacked by three of the drunk women after she told them to go home, while Swanston slapped a second police officer.

The policewoman suffered bruising across her body, swelling to her forehead, a bruise to the left eye and she said she felt dizzy and nauseous due to the number of times she was struck whilst on the floor. 

At Stockport Magistrates' Court, the women admitted assault on the police officer but walked away with criminal records and no jail time.

Swanston was fined £300 and ordered to pay £117 in costs and Curley was fined £200 with £117 costs.

Bennett was ordered to a 10-week curfew and to pay PC Dowse £150 compensation plus £45 costs, while Hardy was conditionally discharged for 18-months and told to pay £107 in costs.

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Prosecutor Peter Conroy said: "PC Dowse describes how she felt her hair was going to be ripped from her scalp and how she suffered an intense burning sensation. 

"She was then struck in the face and fell to the floor. She said she was on the floor and was struck over and over again and she sustained bruising a result.

"Bennett is the most culpable as she deliberately grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor, but we cannot be sure if it was Bennett who actually struck the officer.

"Miss Swanston was seen trying to intervene to prevent friends from being dealt with by the police. 

"She is seen to be shouting and swearing towards police officers. A PC Wood was struck on the leg by her hand but he suffered no injuries.

"Miss Curley was also trying to intervene to prevent her friends from being dealt with. She was abusive towards PC Dowse, acting in an aggressive manner and pushed an officer away. 

"Miss Hardy is the least culpable and can only be seen trying to intervene. She is being obstructive but not to the same extent as the others."

In mitigation, Bennett was described as a wallflower and a single mum, while Hardy is hopeful of retaining her job as a nurse.

I have never had an assault like this before and at first I did not want to return to work after the incident. 

Neil Brettell said while sentencing them: "All of you have been described as intelligent and caring members of society, yet on this night in question after consuming alcohol, you turned into a rabbled mob.

"Instead of doing what was asked of you, which was to walk away and allow the police to do their job to keep control of the situation, you all became part of the problem."

In a statement, PC Dowse said: "I have never had an assault like this before and at first I did not want to return to work after the incident. 

PC Dowse said: "The effects have since left me feeling low and I am emotionally broken. The situation I was in continues to shock me as I was physically attacked.

"I have spoken to occupational health to discuss the effect of the incident and for my mental health. I have had dreams where I find myself in the situation where I am alone and in attendance on my own on duty. "

She also said the experience has left her struggling in her day to day life.

She said: "I am a new mother, my priorities have changed since returning to work and I feel vulnerable in my role so much so I do not feel I can perform my duties completely.

"I have a young child and he has noticed my bruising on my legs. My child does not understand the nature of them. 

"I do not want my children to see me being emotional. My day to day quality of life has deteriorated significantly."

The incident occurred in an affluent neighbourhood popular among footballers after the women had been drinking gin, wine and cocktails during a drunken night out to celebrate the end of lockdown.

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