‘Friends no matter what!’ MEP says Britain shouldn’t worry about ‘bureaucrats’ like Macron

Italy 'will be friends with UK no matter what' says MEP

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Italian Eurosceptic MEP Marco Zanni said the EU are floundering following the ferocious row over fishing rights and constitutional crisis with Poland as he suggested the bloc will not be in existence in “10-20 years” but Italy will still be friends with the UK whatever EU leaders say.

Mr Zanni told GB News: “After Brexit it is still important for UK people because you are our friends. 

“Whatever the French President will do or other bureaucrats in Brussels will do.”

The League party MEP added it was vital relations are kept on good terms as Italy as well as the rest of the bloc “need cooperation with the UK”.

Mr Zanni went on to speculate how the downturn in relations of recent years could be the sign of bigger issues awaiting the bloc.

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The MEP suggested how he thought “there are a lot of problems the EU is facing”.

He claimed “those are existential problems and challenges” which come with the desire for federalisation and centralisation.

He went so far as to suggest that he was “not sure that in the next 10-20 years the EU will still be alive” and that Brexit could inspire a windfall of EU scepticism.

Mr Zanni said: “Brexit showed there is a way out and I think the UK showed perfectly that there is an alternative to the rhetoric EU bureaucrats are using to justify more centralisation in Brussels.”

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The comments follow a string of crises erupting across the European Union which have put relations of both the UK as well as individual member states on a collision course with the bloc.

The fishing row sparked by a post-Brexit requirement for French fishing boats to prove they have fished in UK waters before Brexit in order to be granted a licence triggered outrage amongst French boats as some were unable to provide the correct documentation.

The backlash sparked a wide range of threats from French President Emmanuel Macron and culminated in a British fishing vessel being seized by the French coastguard – the vessel and its skipper were released on Wednesday.

Relations were partly restored on Monday as Britain agreed to hand France a further 100 fishing licences to calm the row.


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In return President Macron said he would not got through with a plan to block British boats landing their catch in French ports – a move which could have crippled the UK’s fishing industry.

While a constitutional crisis was sparked back in October after Polish court ruled that parts of EU law are incompatible with the constitution.

The decision raised concerns the country could eventually leave the bloc and prompted more than 100,000 Poles to protest in support of EU membership.

The ruling stems from what many are branding Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s attempts to push the country away from the European Union.

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