Furious mum ‘loses £50k’ after 13 American bully puppies die during C-section

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A mum has been left heartbroken and £50K out of pocket after 13 healthy puppies died suddenly at the vets.

Alina O’Malley had decided to breed her American XI Bully dog called Arizona. Since her beloved pet is a pedigree she knew the puppies could be worth thousands.

The 26-year-old from Derby said Arizona was healthy and the labour appeared to be progressing as it should and Alina discovered her pooch was carrying 13 pups.

The hospitality manager feared that Arizona could become tired by delivering 13 puppies and took her to the vets for a caesarean or C-section as a precautionary measure.

However, Alina claims that staff at Easipetcare in Derby offered no advice about the risks of a C-section, or the alternative options available.

Speaking to Derbyshire Live, she said: "My whole world has been shattered when I took my beautiful Arizona for a C-section on 27th April, at Easipetcare.

"This disaster C-section resulted in 13 healthy puppies dying within two hours of the C-section.

"The only reason I took her to see the vet was because I was conscious it was a big litter.

“I wanted to ensure the health of my dog and the puppies. There was no green discharge, no blood discharge, and nothing abnormal about the labour to cause concern for the puppies inside.

"The puppies were still visibly moving in her stomach when we took her to the vet.

“She had not been straining or contracting, she was still in the first stage of labour and had not gone past the recommended 24 hours.

"Everything was smooth, I was just concerned that she would get too tired mid-way through Stage 2 of labour, so wanted to take her to the vets to see what they advise.”

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Leaving her dog in the hands of the vet, Ms O’Malley left the vet surgery for the C-section to be carried out.

While away, she received a phone call from the reception asking to administer fluids to Arizona due to the large litter. She was told that all 13 puppies and her dog were healthy and well, and she began to prepare to hand feed the puppies by buying special milk and researching online.

At around 8pm the same evening, just two hours after the initial phone call, a member of staff then called her to tell her that all 13 puppies had died.

She added: “The vet, to my absolute astonishment, said all 13 puppies had died. At this point he offered an explanation that there was liquid in the pups and that’s why they didn’t take their first breath, and that no pups took a breath.

“However upon arrival [at the vet surgery], this changed to many different reasons. He discussed that actually two puppies did take breaths so they concentrated on those two puppies but then they didn’t survive, changing from the earlier story.

“Then they discussed that the general anaesthetic may have made it difficult for them to take their first breath because they would have been drowsy. This was never mentioned as a risk or possibility.”

Now, Ms O’Malley is desperate for answers as to what happened to her 13 puppies and how a C-section could have gone so badly wrong.

“I have no answers, no reasons as to why 13 beautiful souls were taken away," she continued. These 13 puppies, with this pedigree and colour are worth thousands, I have lost around £50k from this litter.

“But truly it isn’t about the money, it’s about 13 innocent lives, and my beautiful dog never being the same again. She has been a completely different dog since she got home, no wagging her tail, just constant pacing, crying and digging.

“She cannot stay still, she doesn’t know what to do with herself, all her hormones are telling her to nest and protect, but she has nothing to do that for. My dog will never be the same again. I definitely will never be the same again.”

Easipetcare told the Mirror: “It is not our policy to comment on individual patients. The welfare of the animals we treat is our top priority at Easipetcare, and we take any allegations of substandard delivery of care extremely seriously.

"On this occasion the client did not follow our clinical advice. We offer our condolences for their loss.”

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