Good Samaritans help woman after thief ripped off her purse in Brazil

Moment Good Samaritans jump out of car and stop thief from fleeing with woman’s handbag

  • A group of people rushed to a woman’s aid in Sao Paulo last month after a mugger ripped off her handbag and attempted to flee on a bicycle
  • The suspect, who has not been identified, was subdued and beaten by two men immediately stepped out of a car
  • The woman and one of the Good Samaritans tackled the thief to the ground before other bystanders joined in 
  • The Santos Civil Police Department is still investigating the case 

A couple of Good Samaritans in Brazil made sure a handbag thief did not escape and beat him down two weeks ago, images from a street surveillance camera showed.

Video from a building security camera showed a woman walking down Bernardino de Campos Avenue in Santos, a coastal town in Sao Paulo, when a man pulled up on his bicycle and snatched her large-sized purse.

The incident took place the evening of October 31.

The victim was pushed towards the ground in the street lane and then got back on her feet.

As she looked at the assailant in a state of shock, a man jumped out of a car and charged at the suspect.

Surveillance camera captures the moment a man pedaled up to a woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before he mugged her October 31

The victim (left) struggled to fight of the mugger (right) as they both fought for control of the woman’s handbag before a group of Good Samaritans came to her aid

Both he and the woman then wrestled the handbag snatcher to the ground before another male Good Samaritan stepped out of the driver’s seat to help out.

Several other men joined in, including the driver of a vehicle who had suddenly stopped his car sideways upon noticing the commotion.

Several Brazilian news outlets report the case was assigned to the Santos Civil Police 7th Department.

Several men jumped to rescue a woman during a mugging that was recorded by a security camera October 31 in Santos, a coastal town in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo

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