Grandmother, aged 91, has ultra-rare 7cm long ‘fairy’ horn growing on her arm

An elderly Taiwanese grandmother, aged 91, has an ultra-rare "fairy" horn growing from one of her arms and it's reached seven centimetres long.

The so-called horn, which is also four centimetres wide, has been dubbed a "referral form from [the] Immortal Realm" in Taiwanese media.

The unnamed old age pensioner, from the city of Changhua, is being treated in the city's Xiuchuan Hospital for the disease, officially called a cutaneous horn – a hard conical projection from the skin, made of compact keratin.

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Reports suggested that when the woman presented herself to a doctor, the horn was wrapped in a gauze but surprised medical professionals because it protruded out of the wrapping.

Taiwanese reports said that the spiritual doctor was fascinated by the growth because horns are "related to fantasy stories such as devils and magic in history."

The woman's case follows news of a man in China who had a similar growth, but on his penis.

The unnamed 43-year-old patient reported to the hospital in Taiyuan, China, where medics removed the two inch long brown yellowish cancerous build up.

“Clinical examination showed a conical lesion projecting from the anterior surface of the glans penis,” wrote Xi Zhang and Haoying Shi, of the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University’s urology department, in the Asian Journal of Surgery.

The man had previously gotten a “rice-sized” growth removed from the tip of his penis three years prior, only for another calcified build-up to return in its place.

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The condition usually appears on the head and face, hence 'horn', and growths on the penis account for only “4.2 to 5.5% of all cutaneous horns,” according to the study.

A history of STDs, excess foreskin, poor hygiene and penile injuries are all kickers for the type of growths the man has experienced, reports stated.

However, he was not undergoing any treatment for a sexually transmitted disease at the time.

Doctors removed the mass and extracted around a half-inch of tissue from under its base.

An analysis of the mass revealed that the man has squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. However, he was deemed to be cancer free after the procedure and is now fully recovered, the study states.

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