Great white shark ‘taken for a walk’ by heroic fishermen after getting beached

Daredevil animal-lovers have been praised for saving the life of a great white shark , with the feat of bravery captured on video.

Incredible footage shows the juvenile great white shark, which had been beached and was struggling to breathe, being dragged back out to sea with a piece of string tied around its body in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, US.

The brave group initially appear to worry that the animal might be dead or dying.

“It’s opening and closing its mouth,” a woman on the boat can be heard saying in the background, while a man adds "something from the tail would give me a lot more optimism".

“Oh look at him,” the woman later exclaims when the animal recovers and can be seen swimming behind the boat, still attached by a piece of string.

The rescuers pat the animal on the snout and – although the giant beast initially appears lifeless – it is later seen to move its tail fin.

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Since the video was posted to Instagram by creatures-of-the-deep_ three days ago it has been viewed nearly 90,000 times.

In the caption, it explained how the dramatic situation unfolded: “This juvenile great white got beached and even after getting back in the water, was struggling not to sink.

“These great people helped keep the shark up and moving forward, allowing water to pass over his gills so he could breathe!

“After supporting him and allowing him to recover his strength, he swam off under his own power!”

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The great white shark was nicknamed “Jamison” by its rescuers @a_whiteshark who said the animal has “returned to Cape Cod every year since”.

But the clip proved controversial, with half the viewers in awe of the beautiful animal while others point out how deadly it is.

“Be safe little shark,” wrote one admirer, while another person said the rescuers “basically took a shark on a walk”.

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Another fan said the shark was “amazing”.

“Hope it doesn’t kill a swimmer later,” said a more cynical commentator.

Great white sharks need to move continually so that water passes over their gills, allowing them to take in oxygen.

If for any reason they stop swimming, such as being caught in a net, the animals drown.

To keep them swimming 24/4 their brains can sleep one half at a time, with both halves only working together when they are hunting.

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