Greta Thunberg fury: Arch-rival launches devastating vow to crush teen activist’s argument

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Ms Seibt, known throughout the world as the anti-Greta Thunberg of climate change, made the demand after she was snubbed by the EU for being allowed to push her point across about the myths of global warming. The 19-year-old German has pleaded with institutions to listen to the other side of the debate, which focuses on how the gloomy outlook on carbon emissions is addressed throughout the media. Ms Seibt, who has previously claimed rival Ms Thunberg has spread “panic around climate change when she should be offering hope”, agrees carbon dioxide – a by-product from the use of fossil fuels – does affect climate change.

However, she argues that the real damage it causes is considerably lower than the likes of Ms Thunberg allege.

And after seeing Ms Thunberg invited to talk to EU leaders earlier this year – despite coronavirus lockdown conditions being imposed – Ms Seibt wanted a chance to discuss the bill and other arrangements that could be made.

When asked by whether she expected to ever be asked to speak to the EU, she said: “I don’t think so because they are so immersed in their beliefs that they don’t want anyone from the outside to come in and talk to them.

“Even if I tried to reach out to them I don’t think they would allow me to speak and that’s why I accept every opportunity for an interview or to speak because I would love to talk to someone on the other side.

“And if anybody is willing to debate me, even if Greta is willing to debate me, I’m willing to come any time and debate them on the issue.”

Her exclusive comments came amid the announcement that Brussels intended to create new legislation in order to eliminate carbon emissions to become the world’s first “carbon neutral continent”.

The Green Deal – the name of the EU’s proposal – was created in a bid to curb panic and is the basis of a new growth strategy for those in the bloc.

The law was unveiled by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and makes it essential that the EU balances emissions and the removal of greenhouse gases.

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At the time, Ms Thunberg also took aim at the plan, saying by having such a long term goal, the EU had “surrendered” to climate change.

In a letter to leaders, Greta and 33 other activists added: “It means giving up.

“We don’t just need goals for 2030 or 2050.

“We, above all, need them for 2020 and every following month and year to come.”

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And for once it appeared Greta and Ms Seibt agreed – the deal was nothing to get excited about.

Ms Seibt added: “I think that is just ridiculous because the effect the C02 emissions can have is absolutely insignificant and the consequences of controlling society in that way and only relying on alternative energy sources is not reliable.

“Like solar power and wind power that is not reliable or sustainable it’s just ridiculous.

“We don’t even have nuclear power to switch to, so right now in the lockdown of the coronavirus, I’m a bit worried because what happens if we experience a blackout and don’t have any electricity.

“So the economic consequences are ludicrous.

“Something that I do find hypocritical is that usually in my experience, it’s the people on the side of climate change that says we need to help the poor, need to fight for climate justice and social justice.”

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