Harry and Meghan ‘haven’t set Hollywood on fire’, face money ‘pressure’ – expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are facing money pressures and must prove their worth to Hollywood fast, a leading royal expert has claimed.

Columnist Daniela Elser writes that although their financial future might look “rosy” after their multi-million pound Netflix and Spotify deals, they need their shows to be “smash hits” to be stable with their money, reports news.au.

This is because it’s likely their $133 million (£96.1 million) Netflix deal would actually be worth just $3.7 million (£2.68 million) a year as a retainer, with extras given out for shows released.

With costs for security and their home in Montecito estimated at around $5.9 million (£4.27 million), Ms Elser says the royal couple are “fighting against the clock” as the content they're paid to make has so far been a “trickle” not a “flood”.

The royal insider said: “Their entire money-making ability is pegged to their ability to generate good PR.

"Should interest in them wane, or public fatigue for the never-out-of-the-news duo set in, then their value could plummet.

“To keep pulling in those nice big cheques full of delicious zeros, then they are going to have to prove they are worth the investment.

"Harry and Meghan have a lot to prove, and fast, because they are fighting against the clock here.

“So far, they haven’t exactly set Hollywood on fire.”

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  • It comes following news of Meghan Markle’s new Netflix kid’s series as Archewell Productions announced the Duchess will be helping to produce Pearl, a series which focuses on famous women throughout history.

    And in April, the Duke revealed a project of a docuseries focusing on sporting tournaments for wounded veterans.

    But not everyone is on board, and Variety’s chief media analyst Andrew Wallenstein slammed the plans as “not remotely what their tabloid-driven audience wants”.

    He added: “It’s an exercise in their image rehabilitation, funded by Netflix.”

    Daniela Elser continued to warn the controversial couple of potential financial difficulties to come and argued they need to be cast for their talent instead of their status as royals.

    She said: “Emmy nominations, like the shiny one Oprah has just earned, will go a long way to giving their fledgling TV careers a much-needed credibility boost.

    “If this time next year it is their names, as producers, we are seeing on the nominee list, it will go a very long way to establishing that they genuinely deserve a seat at the big table – and all the lovely money that comes with it – because of their talent, rather than just because of who his Gan Gan is.”

    The Daily Star has approached the Sussexes for comment.

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