Health Minister not yet moving on free hospital parking even after NDP members give support

The B.C. government is still reviewing waving parking fees at hospitals after the NDP’s convention voted to push the province to do just that.

Health Minister Adrian Dix says the issue is one he has heard a lot about, but that getting rid of the parking fees is complicated.

“It’s a challenge in some communities to offer low cost parking and to police low cost parking,” Dix said.

“It’s a challenging and complicated issue but it’s one the premier has directed me to look at.”

Delegates at the NDP convention voted over the weekend to support phasing out parking fees on hospital grounds.

The resolution called on the province to take “an evidence-based approach to ensure spaces are available and the system is not abused by those who are not patients or their family members.”

NDP members speaking on the convention floor described the parking fees as a hardship and an opportunity for private businesses to benefit off people’s illnesses.

Private companies operate the parking lots in most provincial hospitals and the province uses its profits either for health services or for community hospital foundations.

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