Hero pupil ‘saves life of classmate’ after teen stops breathing at school

A heroic student reportedly saved their classmate's life with CPR after they collapsed at school.

An 18-year-old sixth form pupil at a school in Bradford, West Yorkshire, suddenly stopped breathing shortly after 2pm on Monday afternoon.

With an ambulance immediately dialled for, a fellow teen at St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College leapt into action with a staff member in an attempt to revive them .

YorkshireLive reports their efforts allowed for paramedics responding to the scare, to get the girl breathing again.

Headteacher Lawrence Bentley said: "Shortly before the last lesson of the day a year 13 student collapsed, and as you would expect everything kicked in.

"An ambulance was called, and in the meantime one of our very brave Year 13 students applied CPR, as did our Student Welfare Officer who was on the scene. They also applied the defibrillator.

"The ambulance arrived a little later. We also had an air ambulance hovering, and the paramedics were able to restore her breathing."

He said the unconscious pupil was then taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary. At the time, it was not thought she had any underlying health conditions.

The school has today received confirmation from the pupil's family she is now awake and has no signs of brain damage.

She is to be transferred to be seen by a specialist in Leeds for a suspected heart defect.

Mr Bentley said: "They have asked for our prayers and we are providing them, and we send every best wish and all the luck in the world to the family.

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"We are taking care of all those who were immediately involved.

"I want to say how extremely proud I am of the year 13 student who issued CPR and acted so quickly, calmly, and sensibly.

"I'm really proud of her. She's given this young lassie a fighting chance with her actions really."

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