Heroic teen, 15, sprinted into fire in just his shorts to help trapped neighbour

A 15-year-old has been dubbed a 'hero' after his quick-thinking and bravery saved his 60-year-old neighbour from a horrifying kitchen fire.

Wearing just a pair of shorts, courageous Lewis Evans dived into action after seeing a large amount of smoke coming from his neighbour's kitchen window after midnight on Saturday, August 6.

The plucky young man smashed through his own garden fence and entered the building through his neighbour's back door, selflessly fighting against the fire in the kitchen area to get his neighbour out to safety, Wales Online reports.

"At first my brothers thought I was joking when I said there was fire coming from next door," said Lewis.

He recalls hearing his neighbour shout back to his calls, but later went quiet.

"That's when I knew something was wrong, I didn't really think too much about everything I just had to check on her," said the teenager.

Upon reaching the neighbour's back door, Lewis saw the large fire had burned through most of the kitchen table and was making its way to the living room.

The Swansea teen quickly pushed through the flames and smoke without any protection.

"I knew she was in the house somewhere but it was full of smoke and I could not see anything."

As the fire was closing in on the living room, Lewis was able to take his neighbour's hand and get her to the front door out of harms way.

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"I don't think I'm a hero, I was just doing what anyone would do," he said.

Swansea's fire service has praised the work of the teenager and invited him down to the station.

Geraint Price, crew manager at Swansea Central Fire Station said: "Lewis performed this truly heroic act without a thought for his own safety, and obviously, with none of the protective equipment we fire fighters enjoy…his selfless actions to assist his neighbour in her hour of need deserve greater recognition… he seems to think his actions are all quite unremarkable."

Adding: "Without Lewis's quick thinking, things could have been so much worse."

His mum, Shauna Hills, told reporters she was "so proud" of her boy.

The 36-year-old said: "He has always cared for people and he is a big softie but he still won't give me a cuddle, I'm so proud of him and everyone on our street is.

"The firefighters were joking with him giving him their jacket and letting him sit in the fire engine, I think a few of them offered him a job."

When asked if Lewis could see himself in a firefighter's jacket in the future, the fifteen-year-old laughed.

"I just did what anyone would do in that situation, I'm not a hero" said Lewis.

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