Homeless man becomes art sensation by selling ‘designer bags’

There is not a fixed fee charged for the artwork but he asks for a “donation from the heart” and on average people pay £3, Birmingham Live reports.

The bags have done so well that people have told Kevin they are being resold on the internet for between £60-£80.

Kevin decided to make the bags combine the need to save on plastic bags and help the environment with his artistic skills.

Kevin even advertises The Bag Issue, £5 pays for someone with a bag plastered in his logos to walk around the area and drum up interest.

Homeless charity, The Red Bag Co is trying to get Kevin his own stall to sell his work at the German Market which starts on November 7.

IT consultant Greg Wright, 57, supplies Kevin with the cotton bags and had the idea of using his artistic ability to make a difference a month ago.

His bags are available for home delivery on Bagissue.org if people can’t make it to Navigation Street.

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