Huddersfield Mother's house affected by mould, damp and ants

Mother, 29, says she is struggling with her mental health after ‘council failed to help her with flooded, damp and mouldy ant-infested house’

  • Claire Connor, 29, from Newsome, Huddersfield, is living in house that has ‘awful damp smell’
  • Flooding in August from burst boiler pipe caused water to leak out of the ceiling and ruin much of her home
  • Ms Connor is unhappy with Kirklees Council’s response and says they ‘failed’ to help her

Claire Connor, 29, (pictured right) is a Mother to a two-year-old daughter (pictured left), living in Newsome, Huddersfield with a house that is mould, damp and ant infested

A Mother said her mental health is suffering because she is living in a damp and mouldy council house infested with ants and says they have ‘failed to help her’. 

Claire Connor, 29, is a Mother to a two-year-old daughter, living in Newsome, Huddersfield.

The mental health services volunteer’s house has mould and damp problems that have not yet been resolved. 

Ms Connor’s home also has an ant infestation in her kitchen and living room, according to Yorkshire Live. 

Damp has meant she has had to delay an operation to help her toddler, who has asthma.

Her two-year-old has to use an inhaler while she waits for an sleep apnea operation to fix her breathing while she sleeps.

Her ceiling drips with water (pictured) in a shocking video she shared of her house after a flood in August 

In a shocking video Ms Connor shared after her house flooded in August because of a burst pipe, water drips from the light fitting on her ceiling onto her sofa, which is soaking wet. 

Dirt is seen on the floor and water has come through every gap in the ceiling. 

Ants are seen crawling on the floor in the kitchen while Ms Connor asks if there is any spray she can use. 

Her house is covered in damp, mould and insects as someone is heard on the phone talking of how flooded it is. 

Ms Connor says she first reported the damp and mould in February of this year.

It was assessed by Kirklees Housing’s damp team but claims nothing happened to fix the issues. 

She said: ‘It is a horrible damp smell. I am just being passed back and forth and nothing is really getting sorted- the situation is just getting worse and worse.

‘It is not nice to live in and it is not nice when you have a daughter who suffers from asthma.’ 

Ms Connor also regularly sees slug trails on her daughter’s chair.  

Her house flooded in August because of a burst pipe from her boiler.

She said much of her house and clothes were ruined by the flood but the council have not moved her or her daughter to alternative accommodation. 

Ms Connor claims she was left on her own to sort out living elsewhere.  

Living in the house for two years, Ms Connor said she has had problems with it from the start. 

The home is rife with mould and damp (pictured) and Ms Connor said ‘it is a horrible damp smell’ that she lives with

At the time she was desperate for somewhere to live because she was 38 weeks pregnant.

She has been left frustrated by responses from Kirklees Council and Kirklees Housing. 

Ms Connor decided to take her case to her local councillor, Andrew Cooper, the leader of the Green party.

Her complaint was referred to KNH on her behalf by Cllr Cooper who was told her case would be dealt with.

Cllr Cooper has now asked to be told what is happening next with Ms Connor’s situation.

MailOnline contacted Kirklees Council for comment.

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