Huge 16ft great white shark attacks and destroys diver’s enclosure in scary clip

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Terrifying footage has captured the moment a huge great white shark destroyed the protective cage of a diver, forcing him to swim for his life.

The video showed expert diver Jimi Partington climbing into the clear cage while the apex predator swims nearby among a shoal of fish.

After he climbs Jimi peers into the clear waters and watches the curious 16-foot shark who on several occasions gets closer and closer.

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On its last run, the shark suddenly accelerates and smashes into the Perspex box, throwing the diver into the sea.

He then made several attempts to get back into the cage before giving up and swimming to a nearby boat.

The heart-stopping footage was reportedly captured in 2020 but is now being used as part of Discovery’s Shark Week, the Daily Mirror reports.

Jeff Kurr, the producer and director, said: “Great White Open Ocean is a film that follows the story of a friend of mine, an expert shark diver named Jimi Partington.

"He actually survived being hit from below by a 16-foot great white. We were able to capture this encounter on film, and it's probably the most spectacular sequence in Shark Week history.

“It’s also miraculous, because when Jimi was hit by the shark, he didn't get a scratch on him. He actually had to swim for his life back to the boat, but he was fine. But there's a lot more to this film than just that encounter.”

One impressed viewer said of the footage: “This isn’t doing much to convince me that we aren’t on the menu.”

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Incredibly despite the near-miss, Jimi later takes to the water once again.

He said on Instagram: “It’s been three years in the making and I can't wait for you all to see my incredible journey, including the closest I've ever been to a great white shark!!

“Thanks again for everyone who helped get me here after all that's happened, all my friends and family have been incredibly supportive and for that I'm so very grateful.”


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