‘Humiliated’ blind vlogger slams restaurant after staff refuse service

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A blind woman who used her YouTube channel to expose a restaurant that refused to admit her guide dog says she felt “humiliated” by the treatment.

It’s a common problem – only last week activist Lucy Edwards was refused service at a Yo! Sushi restaurant in West London when she visited with her guide dog.

Vlogger Siobhan Meade switched on her camera before entering the Taste of India in King's Lynn, Norfolk, with her husband Sean Dilley and guide dog Marty.

The woman behind the counter refused to seat them, but when asked why she wouldn’t allow them in she admitted that she “couldn’t explain”, the Eastern Daily Press reports.

Sean can be heard in the footage repeatedly explaining that the law expressly allows guide dogs and other service dogs into shops and restaurants, but the staff member was unmoved.

The restaurant has since apologised.

Saying “I don’t like discrimination of any sort”, he insisted that as a blind woman Siobhan should be allowed to have a meal out if she wanted.

Eventually, the staff member went to ask the restaurant manager to come and deal with the situation. He appeared to be willing to let Siobhan, Sean and Marty in – but by then it was too late.

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Siobhan says the confrontation had made her feel “so humiliated,” adding: "All I want to do is go and have a bite to eat and, seriously, it is something that is really, really frustrating.

"I'm so upset by it,” she said. “This is happening far too much, something needs to be done about it, I'm just so upset by it."

Siobhan told the Eastern Daily Press that she encountered similar situations "all the time" and that it’s a “huge issue” that seems to be getting worse.

She said: "It's always at the back of my mind, if it's somewhere new I'm literally so anxious and stressed before I even get into the restaurant.

Siobhan added: "I'm always thinking 'are they going to welcome me or am I going to have to fight for my rights?'"

A manager told the newspaper that it was only "normal" dogs that weren’t allowed in the restaurant and the member of staff didn’t realise Marty was a guide dog.

He apologised and said things would be different next time.

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