Hunt for bikini-clad woman after she punched, kicked and spat at ranger on beach

Police have issued a plea for witnesses to help them identify a bikini-clad woman who was filmed attacking and throwing sand at a park ranger.

The woman, who wore a red bikini top and red and black boardshorts, had been approached by the ranger after allegedly filming a pal climb on a World War Two relic on a beach at Bribie Island, Australia.

In the shocking footage, the ranger can be seen walking towards the woman with a notepad in his hands.

She appears to be agitated and throws her arms out and then runs at the man, pushing him so his hat falls off before she tumbles to the ground.

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Enraged, she gets up and throws sand into the ranger’s face before aggressively pointing and arguing at bystanders who appear to be trying to intervene.

A beachgoer who witnessed the fight break out on Saturday afternoon had filmed the video, reports.

The bikini-clad suspect has long, dark hair and tattoos down her arms.

In a statement, Queensland Police said: “At around 2pm, the two rangers were working when they noticed people climbing on a WWII structure.

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“When the two male rangers, aged 41 and 44, approached a woman who was filming another climbing on the structure, she started to assault both men physically by kicking, punching, scratching and spitting at them.

“The woman then left the beach in a vehicle.”

Since Queensland Police shared the footage on its Facebook page on Sunday it has been watched more than 270,000 times and had more than 1,700 comments.

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A commentator who supported the police said: “The ranger showed remarkable self-control.”

“I’d be absolutely ashamed if that was my daughter,” another person added, posting crying emojis.

Bribie Island is a sand island and nature reserve connected to the eastern Australian mainland by bridge.

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