I drilled HOLES in my neighbour's wall as it 'creeps into my garden' – I won't stop until it's knocked down | The Sun

A PENSIONER who drilled holes into his neighbour’s garden wall has vowed never to stop until it is knocked down.

Ewen Taylor, 87, insisted the next door family's new wall must be replaced with one the same height, depth and width as before.

And the retired bricklayer, of Cardiff, alleged it creeps two inches into his land and accused them of illegal building work.

He told WalesOnline: “It’s a matter of two inches but it’s my property. Even if it was half an inch I would object.”

Mr Taylor was fined £90 in September for criminal damage and has since put up protest placards outside his home.

They read: "You and your cowboy builder are thiefs [sic]"; "Other councils take down illegle [sic] building work"; "Will they sue me?"; and "Do not like my signs, tell the council".


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His neighbours, a married couple with four children, built a back garden extension in 2020 when builders replaced their old garden wall. 

The mum, 42, said: "I have no idea why he thinks it is in his property. It is distressing, especially for my children.”

This is thought to be the family’s first row with their neighbour since moving in 20 years ago. 

He often drilled the holes in the mornings when the family were out but insisted the wall was in his property when asked why he was doing it.

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The mum added: “It was intimidating for my children.”

But Mr Taylor hit back: "I don't see how it was intimidating. Hammering and drilling have been going on next door for years. And that's acceptable. 

“If they want to hang new cupboards up they can hang new cupboards up.”

Police were called earlier this month but do not have the power to take them down.

Taylor added: “My signs are the truth.”

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He had urged the council to intervene but officials told him boundary disputes are a civil matter and not for planning officers.

And the family decided against civil action due to legal costs.

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