Inside dark world of adult film industry as struggling stars take own lives

In the past several months, a series of beloved porn stars have tragically taken their own lives.

The victims have suffered from mental health issues, gone through battles with substance abuse, and had to endure abuse from vicious online trolls.

On June 30,31-year-old Dahlia Sky was found dead in a carin San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, the US.

Policeofficers said had suffered a gunshot wound, and believe she shot herself.

Before her death, the 31-year-old was reportedly suffering from depression due to her diagnosis with stage four breast cancer.

Adult film producer Hans, who co-produced Dahlia's 2020 movie Always Dahlia Sky, told AVN it had seriously affected her mental health.

Last month,US porn star Dakota Skye was found dead in her motorhome aged just 27 in Los Angeles .

She had also experienced “personal struggles” and abuse from online trolls after posing topless next to a George Floyd mural.

James Bartholet was a close friend of Dakota and told The Sun: "A lot of girls in the industry are going through a lot of stuff. It's tough.

"In the adult film industry you receive a lot of praise. But you are also the target for a lot of harassment and unnecessary correspondence.

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"Look out for your friends, you do not know what they are going through."

Other adult performers struggle to move on with their lives after leaving the industry.

On July 7, a funeral was held for Russian porn star Kristina Lisina, who died after falling from the 22nd floor of a tower block in St Petersburg.

The 29-year-old had recently given up her career after finding a new boyfriend.

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Friends said Kristina wanted “to be loved and start a family” before her tragic death.

Ela Darling, an eight-year veteran of the porn industry and past president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, previously discussed the struggles performers faced after quitting the industry.

She told the New York Post: “What’s tough is that it’s freelance.

“What’s tough is the down periods when you’re alone with yourself, thinking, ‘Will I ever work again?’”

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She added: “It’s not like you can stop being a porn star and be a teacher. And not being busy can lead to bad things.”

In March, tributes were paid to a transgender porn star who took her own life.

Disabled Las Vegas performer Tegan Toxik, who served in Afghanistan, was found dead at her home three days after finishing her last photoshoot on March 19,avn.comreported.

Producer Radius Dark described her as “one of the sweetest, nicest people I’ve met in the industry”.

Behavioral scientist Gad Saad, a chair at the John Molson School of Business in Montreal, earlier discussed the strains of the industry.

He told the New York Post: “When the camera is on, everybody is happy.

“The problem is that the work dries up. The phone stops ringing, and they say, ‘Now what?’

“Porn stars aren’t the best at making a ‘what if’ plan for their future.”

For emotional support, you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email [email protected], visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.

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