Kate Middleton’s ‘hack’ to look stunning in photos shown in viral TikTok clip

Kate Middleton was "trained" to use one simple trick to look stunning in photographs and she never fails, a fashion coach reveals.

A video explaining the "hack" that the Duchess of Cambridge allegedly used has gone viral on TikTok when style commentator Miranda Holder explained how she did it.

She starts by asking: "Have you ever wondered why Kate Middleton looked so stunning in her photographs? Because she does – every single one.

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"Well the Duchess of Cambridge has had some media training and I'm gonna share a cheeky little style hack that she uses every single time without fail."

Showing a number of photos in the background, Kate looks elegant and classy in all the pictures.

Miranda reveals: "She has simply being trained to always keep her chin always parallel to the ground. She doesn't tilt it down, she doesn't tilt it up and that ensures a flattering photograph every single time."

Royal fans also added that Kate being gorgeous also plays a big part.

"She looks gorgeous because she is gorgeous. And what makes it even better is she has dream hair and is skinny. That combo always looks good," one said.

Another wrote: "Basically she's lovely looking. If you're good looking, whether you're trained or not… you always look fantastic."

A third added: "It’s definitely not just that… she is stunning, slim and dresses fantastic plus her makeup and hair are always perfect!"

A royal expert recently exposed on TikTok that Kate "did not have it easy" from the media in the early days of her relationship with Prince William.

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Posting snaps of the Cambridges partying in their youth in the clip, royal expert Daniela Elser told news.com.au: "For nearly five full years, Kate was chased, harangued, dogged and generally harassed.

"A photo of Kate making some terrible face or losing it was far more valuable than her just going about her business.

"Kate did not have it easy by any stretch of the imagination.

"Just imagine having to be so eternally careful; to always have to be on your guard. And all of this was before the really hard, dull work of being a working royal even began."


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