Killer cop Wayne Couzens showed off a prostitute at hotel party with Met colleagues

MURDERING cop Wayne Couzens showed off a prostitute at a hotel party with Met colleagues.

Sarah Everard’s killer brazenly called her his “bit of brass”.

The revelations will raise fresh questions for Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick over how the force failed to identify twisted Couzens, 48, as a risk.

An escort paid by killer cop Wayne Couzens showed up at his station demanding money.

Shocked Met colleagues called him back from patrol and he sheepishly headed to a cashpoint with her, later admitting she was a prostitute.

Evil Couzens — given a whole life jail sentence for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard — also invited a prostitute to a fellow cop’s tenth ­wedding anniversary.

Both incidents heap more pressure on Met chief Cressida Dick over how the force failed to identify Couzens as a risk.

He was based at Bromley, South London, from 2018. A source said of the cashpoint visit: “This woman wouldn’t leave until she spoke with him.

'Jaws dropped'

“When he came back from the ATM he said she was Eastern European and that he couldn’t be messing around with her or the people looking after her.”

A source at the anniversary party at the Hilton in Maidstone, Kent, said: “We knew Wayne was married and expected him to turn up with his wife. Instead jaws dropped when he showed up with this woman dressed really over the top.

“He was quite open about her being an escort. He said ‘My wife can’t make it so I’ve brought this brass with me.’" The source saw Couzens in the toilets and added: “He was laughing about it and said to me, ‘You know how it is, sometimes you have to pay for it.’.

“He was always saying weird things about sex. He gave me the creeps and I wasn’t the only one.”

Sue Fish, ex-Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire, said: “It’s sickening to think that him turning up with a prostitute would have been a badge of honour among officers.

"That no one saw fit to raise this with superiors beggars belief.”

He was quite open about her being an escort. He said ‘My wife can’t make it so I’ve brought this brass with me.’

Couzens is also said to have arranged to meet call girls in local pubs, which was common knowledge among officers.

In July The Sun on Sunday revealed he had been reported for slapping a female PC’s bum and other disturbing behaviour at Bromley but no action was taken.

There were reports he drove around Kent naked from the waist down in 2015, and that he flashed at a McDonald’s three days before kidnapping Sarah, 33, in Clapham, South London, in March.

After Bromley, Couzens joined the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Unit with specialist firearms training.

Last night it emerged that the role saw him given an “access-all-areas” pass for Westminster, where he carried out duties at least five times. Speaker Lindsay Hoyle told the Sunday Times he was “extremely concerned” by the revelation and would be seeking answers from Ms Dick.

Home Secretary Priti Patel will today pledge £25million via the Safer Streets fund for more patrols, lighting and cameras in towns where women feel unsafe at night.


Sue Fish

POLICING has a toxic underbelly of misogyny which we have seen so graphically and tragically in the murder of Sarah Everard.

We see it happen every day in sexual misconduct perpetrated against both colleagues and victims of crime, in the domestic abuse of partners of officers, and in casual everyday sexism.

This culture is rarely spoken about. It is also normalised, trivialised and colluded with. The police and Government need to stop blaming women and start to tackle the behaviour of men who leer, harass and abuse.

Imposing a duty to report low level concerns of worrying behaviour should also be introduced as happens in schools under the safeguarding regime.

Officers engaging in misogynistic behaviour should expect the sack — as should those who cover up or turn a blind eye.

The Police and the Government must urgently deliver this and more so that women and girls are safe, before even more time is wasted, and more lives shattered.

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