Lady Moyra Campbell dead – Queen's friend dies aged 90 as Monarch is left devastated

THE Queen has been left devastated following the death of her friend Lady Moyra Campbell.

Lady Moyra Campbell, who died aged 90 on Sunday in Belfast, was one of the monarch's six maids of honour at her coronation at Westminster Abbey in June 1953.

Born in 1930, Lady Moyra was the only daughter of the 4th Duke of Abercorn and a first cousin of Princess Diana's father, the 8th Earl of Spencer.

She was aged 22 when the Queen chose her to be one of her train bearers who carried her six-yard Robe of State.

She went on to serve as a lady-in-waiting to Princess Alexandra from 1954 to 1964, and to the Queen from 1964 to 1966.

Speaking about the Coronation in an interview in 2012, she told News Letter that she would never forget "the age-old ceremony" and the "utter dedication of the Queen making those very solemn promises".

She had to stand for three hours on the day but said it just "passed like clockwork because it was so deeply interesting".

On the 60th anniversary of the Coronation in 2013, Lady Moyra joined her five fellow maids of honour, with whom she was still good friends with, for an interview on the BBC Radio 4 programme The Reunion.

She recalled how they were touched by the cheering crowds along the route.

Lady Moyra, who loved race horses, remembered vividly the Queen of Tonga, who refused a hood and rode through the pouring rain in an open carriage.

"She was one of the stars of the day," Lady Moyra said.

"I later called a newborn colt Tonga in her honour, but sadly he wasn't quite the success she was."

The mother-of-two had been the president of Cancer Fund for Children in Northern Ireland for many years.

Phil Alexander, CEO of the charity said: "We are deeply saddened that our President, Lady Moyra Campbell has passed away.

"Lady Moyra was passionate about supporting young people across Ireland impacted by cancer and proud of the work we do at Cancer Fund for Children to help vulnerable families."

She became president of the youth organisation NIPPA in 1975, later to be known as Early Years, and was a champion for several charities including the NSPCC.

She is survived by her husband Commander Peter Campbell, her two sons, daughters in law, and grandchildren.

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