Landlord made homeless mum sign ‘sex contract’ to put roof over kids’ heads

A landlord has been accused of preying on a desperate mum-of-five, getting her to sign a 'sex contract' in order to put a roof over her and her children's heads.

Court records show Allan Rothstein forced prospective tenant Candy Torres to sign the disgusting agreement in November 2018 so she could rent a four-bed home in Las Vegas, US.

Records show she and her five kids were homeless in August 2018, but that they were approved for Section 8, a federal program that funds authorities to help low income families rent from private landlords.

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Speaking to KTNV-TV, housing lawyer Bruce Flammey explained that people approved for Section 8 only have 60 days to find a residence, hence Rothstein may have been her only hope.

The contract itself was titled "Direct Consent for Sexual Intercourse and or Fellatio or Cunnilingus", according to court records.

It also contained a number of bizarre stipulations.

One paragraph had the tenant swear she "does not currently have a boyfriend/girlfriend/parent who is larger, meaner, and more physically aggressive, owns firearms and/or is more possessive than the INITIATOR/S [Rothstien]."

Another had her swear she wasn't signing "under the influence of an incapacitating intoxicant, aphrodisiacs, or psychoactive substances, including but not limited to, alcohol, drugs, oysters, Bremelanotide, truffles, sea cucumber, strawberries, lobster, dark chocolate, Cocaine, LSD, cannabis or any other mind-altering chemical or substance, nor have they been given the same by the INITIATOR/S."

Flammey told KTNV-TV: "According to the pleadings, she was told if she didn't sign this, she was not going to be able to get the unit. So, for all intents and purposes, it's sex for a place to live. That's exactly what it is. And it's almost sex on demand.

"This is a legal contract the way the actors on Grey's Anatomy are real doctors. This is literally not worth the paper it's printed on."

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Torres' lawsuit against Rothstein also accuses him of charging illegal fees and wrongfully evicting her family after she refused sexual encounters.

At the time this took place the landlord was also a real estate broker.

A Nevada Real Estate Division investigation led to both his licences being revoked.

He was also found to have repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances on tenants after getting them to come to his house to sign documents.

Rothstein was fined $94,000 (£77,420) for unwanted sexual advances and could lose much more if found guilty in the federal case brought against him by Torres.

KTNV-TV's 13 Investigates claims that sources have told them "this is not the first time Rothstein has done this and there are other victims".

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