Legendary Loch Ness Monster may live in Stranger Things-style parallel universe

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Experts have long pondered the true nature – and whereabouts – of the infamous Loch Ness monster with one claiming the legendary beast could live in a parallel universe like in hit show Stranger Things.

From its first sighting in Scotland in May, 1933, when the Inverness Courier reported a local couple seeing “an enormous animal rolling and plunging on the surface”, the mysterious beast has captivated the world ever since.

But nobody has ever been able to prove, with definitive evidence, that the possible water beast was real.

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Now one paranormal investigator has a theory about why – and it involves Netflix show Strangers Things.

Ron Halliday, who is actually Scottish, said: “Scientists have suggested there could be other universes.

"And somehow our world interacts with these other worlds through portals.

"With the Loch Ness monster, people could be seeing a dinosaur that existed in the past.

“They may see something that looks solid but isn’t actually in our world.

“That can spread across a whole range of things, such as UFO sightings.”

Stranger Things revolves around evil beasts living in an alternative universe known as the Upside Down, and (spoilers ahead) the big boss is known as Vecna – which could very well be the Loch Ness monster.

Ron, 72, added: “Some people are more psychic than others.

"They can pick up these experiences while others may not.

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"It’s possible that some may walk into these portals without realising it, then they can see these things.

“They are having genuine experiences. In a way, this is speculation.

“But to my mind it does provide an explanation to a whole range of paranormal phenomena.”

This theory differs from the one which resurfaced a few weeks ago.

A 2007 report gained notoriety, after it suggested that the giant beast could actually just be a huge frog.

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In 2005, a team from United States-based SeaTrepid Inc performed a full deep water scan of the loch, in the hopes of finding the mysterious Nessie.

But all the found was a frog – living at an astonishing 325ft deep below the water.

Long story short, it appears that we may never know the truth about the infamous beast.

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