Limestone District secondary school teachers hold information pickets to start work-to-rule

Both the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation and the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario are locked in difficult negotiations with the province.

Both unions have implemented a work-to-rule campaign.

Limestone District School Board secondary school teachers held information pickets before and after school and over lunch breaks at seven area high schools Tuesday.

OSSTF Limestone District 27 president Andrea Loken says the services withdrawn won’t affect students in the classroom.

“We’re withdrawing from things such as staff meetings after school, we’re not doing EQAO testing.”

Loken says teachers won’t be participating in school board-run professional development programs or commenting on report cards either.

Athletics and school clubs will carry on, says Loken.

“Those all still continue, and by the way, they are completely unfunded by the government. There’s not one cent for extra-curricular activities.”

Loken says teachers will still be there for students who need extra help or parents who have concerns about their child.

“Meeting with parents, meeting with students, continuing to help students before school, at lunch and after school, we’ve always done. None of those things will be affected.”

The information pickets are scheduled to continue until Dec. 3, says Loken.

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