Maltese dog Teddy hitches ride with Victoria to become Instagram star

The bone ranger! Maltese dog Teddy hitches a ride on his best friend Victoria to become Instagram star

  • The little and large duo hit it off from the start and Teddy loves to pose like a jockey
  • Kerri Westaway, from Suffolk, who owns them says Teddy is comfortable and not worried about Victoria
  • She decided to take an Instagram snap and realised that Teddy was a natural in front of the camera

A dog who likes to jump on his best friend – a horse – to grab a lift and rest his legs has hit stardom on Instagram.

Kerri Westaway, from Suffolk, is owner of Teddy, a seven-year-old Maltese, and his riding partner Victoria, a 10-year-old Irish Connemara horse.

The little and large duo may seem an odd couple to strike up a friendship but they have got to know each other well over the years and Victoria, the horse, isn’t worried about taking the strain for Teddy.

Kerri said that Teddy loves to pose like a jockey and ride on the back of the horse.

Teddy the dog loves to pose on top of pal Victoria said owner Kerri Westaway, from Suffolk

Kerri said that the two were friends from the start and Victoria likes to nudge Teddy on the head

Teddy isn’t worried about the size of her powerful friend and that with one brusque movement she could be thrown to the ground.

Fortunately, Victoria seems like an easy-going horse.

Kerri said: ‘On one of Teddy’s regular visits to see Victoria I decided to see if he would sit on her back for an Instagram photo.

‘He sat on her back and seemed very comfortable.

Teddy is perfectly at ease with Victoria and is not worried about the difference in size and weight

Victoria, a 10-year-old Irish Connemara horse is quite laid back and likes going for walks with Teddy

Kerri said that she decided to put Teddy on top of the horse for an Instagram snap and he immediately looked comfortable

To be on the safe side Kerri said that someone is nearby to grab Teddy if he did suddenly fall

‘Victoria didn’t mind at all. She is a very laid back horse.

‘She just stood still and let it happen. My daughter stood behind just in case Teddy fell.

‘Teddy is happy to sit on Victoria’s back for as long as we like but we always have someone ready to grab him if necessary.’

The duo first met when Teddy came to see Victoria on the day she arrived at the yard where she lives.

Kerri recalls that it was instantly obvious that they had a good vibe and were keen to spend time together.

She said: ‘Victoria gets excited when she sees him and often nudges him on his head if I lift him up to see her.

‘They often pose for selfies together and they love to go on walks together.

‘Teddy also likes to help with Victoria’s feed time. He is so confident around her unlike my other dogs as they are much more wary of her size.’

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