Man attacks NYPD traffic cops when asked to move his car

An illegally parked driver flew into a rage and attacked a pair of unarmed NYPD traffic cops this week in the Bronx — all because they asked him to move his car away from a fire hydrant, according to police and video of the incident.

In shocking footage posted to Twitter, the driver can be seen arguing with two traffic agents in the middle of Fordham Road on Wednesday around 8 p.m.

Then the man throws a punch that connects with one of the cop’s faces, knocking him to the ground and prompting his partner to lunge at the “irate” attacker, according to cops and footage of the melee.

At one point, the man knocks the second officer to the pavement, the footage shows.

Both cops get up and square up with the man on the sidewalk before he gets in his 2008 Silver Nissan Altima and drives off.

The traffic agents, ages 30 and 35, were both bruised in the assault; the younger officer also sprained his ankle, authorities said.

No arrests have been made.

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