McDonald’s loving thief broke into a woman’s car and stole purse to pay for meal

A McDonald's lover smashed a woman's car window to steal her purse from the glove box and used her bank card to buy themselves a meal.

TikTok user @mamaaofie gained more than 200,000 likes on a video where she filmed the shattered window of her car to tell her followers that the brazen thief had stolen her friend Hanna's purse from the glovebox.

But that wasn't the worst part – according to them – as the only thing they used the stolen card for was to buy a Maccies meal.

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She said: "Do you know what the worst part of this is? It's not even the window. This is not the worst part.

"The worst part of this is that whoever did this took Hannah's purse, in the glove compartment. It wasn't on show – before someone came for me – and all they bought with her card was McDonald's. Just McDonald's – this for a Maccies."

However, she seemed to look at the situation in good spirits as she quipped: "You know what? I'd do it too for a Big Mac. I respect it but it's just inconvenient isn't it?"

TikTok users took to the comments with mixed reactions to the incident as some laughed – and others shared their experiences with the same thing.

One user wrote: "I had someone do this when they stole my purse as well!! luckily I had £3.10 on my account at the time so they didn’t have enough to do it anyway."

Another warned: "They always start with something fall to see if it works then will go and use it for something else."

A third said: "This happened to my mum once and all they took was the chewing gum off the dash."

A fourth quipped: "This should be a McDonald's advert."

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The news comes after a desperate McDonald's lover couldn't wait to get her food and jumped into drive-thru window to get to the kitchen so she could cook the food herself.

A video of the incident has been going viral on TikTok after it was posted by the user, @greergreer who claims that she did it because the fast-food outlet were refusing to take orders after they ran out of gloves, causing sanitary concerns.

The video was captioned: "Lady climbs thru McDonald’s window because we’re not taking anymore orders CAUSE we have no gloves."


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