‘Meaningless to hope for victory’ ex-Russian spy admits Putin’s war in Ukraine DOOMED

Putin's Russian army has 'already lost' the war says Ukrainian MP

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The news comes from Igor Girkin, an ex-Russian spy also known by the name of Strelkov meaning “shooter.” Highly influential in Eastern Ukraine, the Putin ally has on several occasions disseminated information against the grain of Kremlin rhetoric, in what some say are calculated “leaks” of news designed to test global reaction.

In his latest statement, Strelkov has delivered a damning assessment of the ongoing war in Ukraine, covering in detail the reality of huge Russian losses since the outbreak of the conflict.

With Russia now focusing its so-called “special operation” in the eastern part of Ukraine, capturing towns in the Donbas region, the powerful influencer has warned of Ukrainian resistance to Russian advances as they regroup to combat Russian troops using Western supplied weapons.

Speaking of Russia’s chances in the current climate, he said: “It is meaningless to hope for victory” without the general support of the full potential of the Russian army.

However, reports suggest Putin is refusing to unleash assets as his senior military advisors claim the war can be won with current resources.

Strelkov has also made predictions the Russian operation in Eastern Ukraine will slow in the month of June.

From here he believes further losses will be endured as Ukrainian defence forces mount a counter-attack against stalled Russian troops.

In a scenario seen across Ukraine, the measures will likely place Putin’s forces on the back foot, forcing them to retreat and lose the ground gained.

The report by Strelkov is said to be one of the most damning yet.

Using his Youtube and Telegram channels, the former FSB officer has accused Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu of “criminal negligence” and “suspected treason.”

Many military strategists believe Putin has failed in his war, in particular following his retreat from central and northern Ukraine, and in particular, failure to seize Kyiv.

Speaking of the situation in detail on his Telegram Channel, Strelkov wrote: “Let’s imagine for a second, that in the next few weeks the enemy will be after all defeated through continuous frontal and flank attacks, and completely pushed out of Donbas borders.

“And? What will this achieve? Will this end the war? No, not at all.

“When Russian troops weakened in heavy fights and bloody assaults reach the borders of Donbas, they will be met by fresh and well-equipped Ukrainian units at frontiers prepared for defence in advance.”

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He continued: “Even if those fresh units for whatever reason decide not to take over the initiative and begin a counter-offensive – still the Russian Federation will face a perspective of a long positional war, which is nearly fatal (in current conditions) to our economy, social and socio-political situation.

“It’s meaningless to hope for victory through attrition taking into account that almost all of Europe and North America are acting as a rear for Ukraine.

“Thus, it will be necessary to try and defeat the enemy in field battles.

“And, excuse me, with whom, and with what?!

“If so far not even the partial mobilisation has been carried out?!

“No one is giving clear answers to these questions.

“Simply because there aren’t any.”

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With the war now approaching three months since Russian troops invaded its southern neighbour, Moscow has witnessed huge losses.

23,000 troops are said to have been killed, with hundreds more captured.

Furthermore, over 1,000 tanks have been destroyed, as well as a host of aircraft and helicopters.

On top of the material losses, heavy sanctions have affected the Russian economy causing many foreign nations to abandon trade with Moscow.

Russian troops have also been accused of war crimes in various cities across Ukraine, with the city of Bucha seeing some of the worse scenes of the war.

Many are also calling for Putin to be tried for war crimes.

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