Meghan Markle critic claims book has ‘hidden message’ in picture of Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s biographer has questioned if he “wants to be British” after noticing what she claims is a hidden message in Meghan Markle’s new children’s book.

The Bench, Meghan’s first venture into writing, was released today to mixed reviews.

It was inspired by the relationship between husband Harry and son Archie and also features a drawing of newborn Lilibet.

Angela Levin, who penned Harry’s 2018 biography Conversations with the Prince, noticed that in one drawing in the book, the Duke of Sussex appeared to be wearing an army uniform.

While the trousers and top do not seem too dissimilar to the British Army uniform, the hat bears a resemblance to the American outfit and Angela questioned why that was.

"Now there is something else there,” she told Sky News.

"Is it ‘I don't want to be British anymore?’”

"Is it a mistake because they thought this is what an Englishman wears when he is out in the army?

"It all sort of has innuendos and separate meanings.”

The illustrator behind the images, Christian Robinson, is American so it is perhaps no surprise that the drawings have a US tinge to them.

Harry served for the British Army in Afghanistan and has often fondly spoken about his time in the military.

Angela, who has become a fierce critic of the Sussexes since they stepped back from the Royal Family, also blasted the content of the book.

She said: "I don't mean to be nasty but I think the book is supposed to be for children, one till five I was told however I can't see anything less like likely to draw children's attention.

"To have a book with a cover where it's just a bare bench, I don't think is going to appeal to small children.

"They like scary crocodiles or little people in helicopters or just sort of mini folk who are on it. Elephants, something like that to draw their attention. I don't think they'e fascinated by a bench."

Meanwhile, a brand and reputation management expert believes Brits will “shun” the new book, but it will be welcomed in the US.

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