Meghan Markle’s ‘overly-contrived’ speech ‘tipped over into the ridiculous’

Critics have reacted savagely to Meghan Markle’s keynote speech at the One Young World summit in Manchester yesterday.

In a speech that, according to royal expert Daniela Elser, “tipped over into the ridiculous” – the Duchess of Sussex referred to herself 54 times in just seven minutes.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said that Meghan’s speech “made no sense”.

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“I can’t visualise or comprehend how the 2,000 young people understood a word of what she was talking about,” Ms Seward told The Sun.

“It made no sense. It was all about her and related everything to herself.

“I don’t think she knew what she was talking about. It was just ‘me, me, me’ and praising herself.”

In Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall on Monday evening, Meghan told around 2,000 people who had paid up to £4,000 to hear her speech in Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall how she had a “pinch me moment” when she was first asked to be a counsellor for One Young World.

“One Young World saw in me what I wanted to see fully in myself,” she said. “They saw in me, just as I see in you, the present and the future.”

Prince William’s biographer Robert Jobson added: “After all the attacks she has made against the Queen and the British Royal Family Her Majesty leads…her comment saying that it is good to be back in the UK should be taken with a pinch of salt.”

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Daniela Elser said that the strangest moment so far in the Sussexes’ whirlwind tour of the UK was Meghan’s apparently necessary costume change.

“Somewhere between the costume change and all the overly-contrived pause-smile-pause delivery of Meghan’s speech this engagement just tipped over into the ridiculous,” she wrote for

The Duchess wore one outfit, worth thousands of pounds, just for the train journey Ms Elser pointed out, before “at some stage changing into her second expensive look of the day”.

The total cost of Meghan’s two outfits for the day was estimated at somewhere in the region of £5,000.


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