Meghan ‘won lottery’ with Harry and used podcast to ‘settle scores’, expert says

Meghan Markle “won the lottery” when she married Prince Harry and is using her new podcast to “settle scores”, a royal commentator claims.

Meghan finally released her first Archetypes podcast yesterday (Tuesday, August 23) nearly two years after signing her lucrative contract with streaming service Spotify.

During the episode, the former royal spoke to tennis star Serena Williams about her upcoming retirement from tennis, as well as sharing some stories about her life as a royal – including a brief appearance from Prince Harry.

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Reacting to the release, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield has criticised the former Suits star, arguing that she had been lucky to marry into the Royal Family in the first place.

“The idea of her being criticised for being ambitious; you’re not ambitious when you marry a prince. That’s called hitting the jackpot, you’ve won the lottery when you’ve married a prince,” she told GB News.

“I really think, outside looking in just content-wise, that there’s an ulterior motive here with this podcast, and that’s settling scores.”

Meghan has recently come under criticism from author Tom Bower, whose book made a number of allegations against the Sussexes, including challenging the truth of Meghan’s story that she once wrote a letter to Proctor & Gamble protesting the use of the word woman.

Kinsey suggested that the Duchess of Sussex had taken the opportunity to address this criticism.

“Specifically with this episode, you kind of see her go after Tom Bower, responding to his claim that she’s ambitious and scheming,” she continued.

“The book also says that Serena Williams told a media contact that they weren’t necessarily good friends, and he also questions her Proctor and Gamble story.

“She goes into all of those things in the very first episode of her podcast.”

During the podcast episode, Meghan claimed that her son Archie had a narrow escape when the couple’s residence caught on fire during one of their engagements.

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Meghan suggested that she had struggled with the idea that she then needed to leave the four year-old to go to another engagement, but Kinsey argued that this need not have been the case.

She said: “We know that Diana was defiant, and when she didn’t want to do engagements she told Prince Charles, ‘no’.

“Meghan could have told them ‘no’, that she was refusing to go because there are examples of royals before her that did the exact same thing.

“I don’t know who she’s trying to attract with it, but I think anybody that’s on the fence about her is not going to be impressed with two millionaires sitting on their microphones complaining about how difficult their lives are.”


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